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Year In Review 2019 | Misiu Academy, The Noble Shoe & Future Goals

Merry Shoemas from Carlos Santos & The Noble Shoe!

2019 – Blood, Sweat & Sacrifice

Merry Christmas everyone! Can you believe 2019 is at its end? For me it means that it was time to do a recap of what happened during this year, reflect and plan ahead. There is no better time then than to write this “2019 Year In Review” article and connect with you all.

Why? Because this year has been the hardest, most draining and rewarding, cathartic year of my life. And I have some things to share, as well as look back and see what I did in terms of goals. Let’s not forget the Wishlist I did last year too!

So Happy Holidays to everyone and let me tell you a story. A story about happiness being a journey and not a destination. Thank you for supporting Misiu Academy and The Noble Shoe.

All Roads Lead To Rome

Looking back, this time last year I thought I had a fledgling career in engineering. Around March, I discovered that not only that career was nonexistent, but I also loathed taking orders from bullies. My passion lied in shoe and I realized that right after the London Super Trunk. A defining moment that led me to create with no second thought The Noble Shoe.

I also thought that working at Suitsupply would be great but alas I was mistaken. I will not say much now, but this is my last week working there. My body and mind cannot take it anymore and this is a sign to stop. It put extreme pressure on me and my relationship, which I also ended this year. I also managed to get closure on something that made me sad for 4 whole years.

However, this sad story has a meaning. Every decision, every moment of pain, all the stress and the hard work. It was just a path to do what I was meant to do in my life. Everything leading up to this moment which is my purpose in life and my place in the world.

To be master of my own self, to be free of the strings of orders and achieve my dreams. I know what to do now. What does this mean? It means that you should not be happy with mediocrity and when something is wrong, change it. Follow your dreams and achieve greatness. It could be something simple like dressing better and improving your style, or becoming a better man. Or starting that own business.

You can do it. 2020 will be our year. Now let’s get this going starting by the 2019 Misiu Academy Year in Review.

Review Of 2019 Purchases & Older Wishlist

This is quite interesting actually. I did not end up buying too much stuff this year, mainly due to the fact that the blog is doing great.

Suits & Blazers – 10/10

When it comes to suiting, I only bought the Suitsupply Houndstooth Three Piece. I am pretty comfortable with my wardrobe albeit I would like 1-2 more suits to rotate.

Suitsupply Brown Three-Piece Houndstooth Suit
I really like this one!

As for jackets, while I did get one from MatchU Tailor which I plan to review later on, I only bought a nice Checked Blazer from Cavaliere Sweden.

A year in review 2019 - Cavaliere Sweden Jacket
A really nice jacket for a bargain price

I am absolutely incredibly happy with those purchases and wear them frequently as much as I can. I still need to shorten the sleeve on the blazer about 1.5 cm though. My goal was to get a houndstooth or checked blazer and I certainly achieved that!

Shoes – 10/10 or 7/10

Now this is a hard topic! Having my own shoe company and a blog means I never have to worry about shoes anymore. My goal last year was to get some dress boots, loafers and derbies.

Courtesy of Carlos Santos, Pediwear, Heinrich Dinkelacker, TLB Mallorca and more I received so many good shoes for reviews.

The only shoes I bought were the Carlos Santos 9381 Derby in Coimbra, as well as the Myrqvist Penny Loafers. The Derbies are great and a staple at my shop!

The Noble Shoe Carlos Santos 9381 Derby
A Year in Review 2019 – Our Gorgeous Derbies by Carlos Santos for The Noble Shoe

The Pennies by Myrqvist were part of a sample sale for a bargain price. The problem is I realized I do not like penny loafers so much. Maybe it is due to the fact that I had penny loafers from Suitsupply for work all the time. That and the fact that I live in Sweden and they are half a size smaller than what I want.

Myrqvist Review - Loafers

They are not a bad shoe, but I don’t see myself using them that much.

Shirts – 10/10

Yet another area I received some really good shirts from MatchU Tailor. The green flannel shirt is exquisite and warm and great for the Swedish winter. You can read all about it here.

MatchU Tailor Shirt Review - Olive Green Flannel Pic 2

Then there is the Light Pink Button Down I have yet to Review properly but is a part of my Granqvist Review.

Purple Granqvist Printed Tie

The only shirt I bought was from Ernst Alexis during a sample sale and is the one I am wearing in the Houndstooth Suit Picture. Fits perfect off the rack!

I don’t have any specific wishes for next year, I will possibly experiment with some less popular colors and flannel this time around.

Knitwear – 10/10

Long live cashmere! I just cannot go back to just Merino Wool. I got some super awesome knits during a sample sale of Soft Goat for a bargain price. Too bad their customer service sucks.

Soft Goat Turtleneck in Green Suit
A Year in Review 2019 – Soft Goat Cashmere Turtleneck

The turtleneck is great, though a little looser now on the neck, while the cardigan and burgundy crew neck fantastic. My most used knits by far along with the Altea one.

I look forward to the next sample sale!

Coats & Accessories – 10/10

To be honest I am not sure I should add a grade here. I didn’t really buy anything apart from some lovely pocket squares. However, I did get the chance to get some amazing ties by Granqvist such as this gorgeous Shantung tie and the one you saw above.

Granqvist Store Ties Review - Regimental Shantung Tie Outfit

As far as coats go, I would love one more and I do have something in the works but I will do it when the time is right.

So It Was A Good Thing Making A Wishlist!

Hell yes it was! I achieved virtually all my goals for purchasing and made my life easier to control my impulses. My next year will instead focus on improving the blog and keeping the quality up as well as growing The Noble Shoe.

With the freedom of time I will have after Suitsupply, I can focus on bigger guides once more since you seem to love them! Which brings me to the next point.

The Noble Shoe Future

I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your support. All of you that take the time to comment or find about my shop through my blog and send me messages of love and interest is amazing. Which is exactly why I try to put out my best self with each individual package I send.

The focus next year will be to grow obviously and focus strongly on Unique GMTOs and make ups.

Right now we have the amazing Handgrade Adelaide in Algarve and Guimaraes up and a Balmoral Black Boot will soon be online as well.

Handgrade Adelaide in Algarve for The Noble Shoe

I am looking forward to “meeting” and helping you all this year!

A Note About Suitsupply

I think this is something that I need to address. It makes me wonder if I should write a whole article about this. What do you think?

Working in Suitsupply taught me a lot of things. One of them is sales techniques, but also mind games and leading. I also learned a lot about garments, fabrics and the perfect fit. Another thing is how clueless were most men when it comes to colors or construction of shoes. Most were like “This looks good, I will take it“.

Many men entered their store with their girlfriend, who was the one deciding what they should buy. Always trust a woman’s intuition of taste, but remember you are the one wearing it.

Then there was the pressure of financial numbers and the belief you are the best. We were not curing cancer at Suitsupply. Instead, we sold good suits. There is intensity and a lot of roleplay, further amplified by the greediness of each individual store manager. A toxic environment I vowed to get away from.

I have a lot to say, but I would love your input and thoughts about having a fully fledged article on working there.

A Year In Review 2019 – Be The Lightning In The Rain

Yesterday while at work, I passed in front of one of the big mirror’s at the Suitsupply Store. I looked at myself and said:

“I am proud of you”

After this year I am indeed proud of my self. I have made leaps and bounds and am one step closer to finding who I am. Clothes and shoes have certainly played their part. The Noble Shoe would not exist otherwise. But also remember that wearing something nice does not automatically make you a gentleman or a better person. It all comes from within.

So this year, take charge of who you want to be. Stop a bad habit, begin meditation, finish that painting and go with your woman for a real date once more. Do not tolerate belittlement by your superiors and make a change if you have to. Do not stay in a toxic relationship just because you are afraid of being alone. Humans are the most fragile, yet most resilient creatures in the world.

You and I dear reader, are meant for great things. Stop being a wantepreneur and be a man of action. If you have rage or anger, or passion just let it fuel you instead and channel it into something positive. Instead of letting it take control of you let it be a beacon of light and alarm that something is wrong and needs to change. You can do this.

This was a very unusual article for Misiu Academy. But in essence, it is exactly what it should be. A lesson on chasing dreams, being a gentleman, how quality clothes and shoes improve your life and how one man’s journey can inspire you.

This was my Year In Review 2019 everyone. I wish you the Merriest of Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will be back next week with more shoe news. You can always reach out to me if you are struggling for motivation or have any questions. Alone we are strong, together we are the strongest.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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