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Best Welted Women’s Shoes Guide | Goodyear Welt For Women



A First For The Blog

Today we are talking about the Best Goodyear Welted Women’s Shoes.

A rather rare article but one that makes sense if you think about it.

If you love shoes and want to introduce your partner to high quality shoes, where do you go?

Let’s find out.

Intro Photo by Velasca

Welted Women’s Shoes Are Hard To Find

Generally, women have different tastes in shoes especially when it comes to style and looks.

They often (but of course not exclusively) prioritize quantity, looks and fashion rather than the actual quality.

As a result, there is decreased demand for Welted Women’s Shoes on the market.

However, there are still a bunch of great brands out there offering such shoes.

I compiled a list of some of the best I could find to present them to you.

So the next time your spouse, partner, relative or friend asks you about it you will know what to say!

Crockett & Jones

The idea for this article came to me yesterday actually when I saw the new seasonal collection of Crockett & Jones.

A famous UK Shoemaker from Northampton, Crockett & Jones has the heritage and prestige to produce quality stylish shoes.

They are more pricey than your average brand but the quality is worth it.

In fact, they have at least 50 models (at the time of writing) in their shop.

Crockett & Jones Collection Women's
Crockett & Jones Collection Welted Women’s Shoes | Photo From Crockett & Jones

Many are contemporary classics while others receive a bit of a style tweak which I think is the best in the field.

There is a variety of styles, colors, leathers and models to choose from.

Expect to pay anywhere between $600 and $850 for Crockett & Jones.

You can find them at the official website, or if you want to support me I can source a lot of them at The Noble Shoe for a competitive price.

Simple email me at [email protected]!

Joseph Cheaney

Shoes from the UK will become a trend in this list!

Joseph Cheaney is next and also has a substantial collection of women’s shoes.

Most of them are boots and a lot focus on texture, suede or polished leather and chunky outsoles.

There are a few regular dress shoes as well.

Prices are more affordable than Crockett & Jones at the $400-$500 mark.

best welted women's shoes cheaney avril
Best Welted Women’s Shoes | Joseph Cheaney Avril Chelsea (Photo from Cheaney)

I must say they have a heavy emphasis on broguing everywhere that I am not a huge fan of.

Then again, I have no idea about what women like in shoes haha!

Cheaney shoes are good quality and are a great alternative if you cannot afford Crockett & Jones.

You can buy them in the Official Website.

Loake Ladies

Loake is another shoemaker from Northamptonshire (Kettering).

It was actually the first goodyear welted brand I tried.

They also make women’s shoes in a collection they call “Loake Ladies”.

What I don’t understand is why there is no menu option to find them.

Instead, you have to know the Ladies Link.

Maybe it should not surprise me as there are currently only 4 models available.

Best Welted Women's Shoes | Loake Ladies Collection (Photo From Loake)
Best Welted Women’s Shoes | Loake Ladies Collection (Photo From Loake)

Both of them are different color variations so effectively just 2.

From what I hear the Chatterley is a better seller for them.

Loake quality is solid and at $250 not a massive investment.

If you are looking for more than simple Chelseas and Kiltie Loafers you have to look elsewhere.

Barker Shoes

Barker is yet another English Brand that produces men’s welted shoes.

They do have a women’s welted shoes collection though!

There’s a lot of color and boldness in there but also great photography.

Barker is a more budget brand and that always comes with some shortcomings when it comes to quality.

But with a wide range of styles, colors and textures it’s a good way to dip her toes (pun intended) into the welted world.

 best welted women's shoes barker
Best Welted Women’s Shoes | Barker Fearne (Photo From Barker)

I mean, you can even have multi-colored shoes if you wish!

For prices around the $250-300 mark, they are also quite affordable and a good option.

You can buy them in the Official Barker Site.

Septieme Largeur

Moving on to France and one of my favorite entry level brands, Septieme Largeur.

I covered them extensively in the past (Review) and their quality and patina work is exceptional.

Most of the shoes are for men, however there is a section “For Her” in the menu.

Only 6 shoes are available and are rather classic but you do get the option to color them as you wish.

Availability and sizing is more scarce but it’s a lot of shoe for $300-400.

shoe collection septieme largeur ernest
My Shoe Collection 2021 | Septieme Largeur Ernest Jodhpurs in Green Patina

Here’s a patina of my Ernest Boots from Septieme Largeur in a Green Patina.

It’s a great way to personalize a more classic shoe.

Caulaincourt Paris

Staying in France to visit another atelier specializing in Patina.

Caulaincourt makes some great shoes of all varieties and constructions.

This summer in Italy my unlined loafers were a star in fact.

Caulaincourt has a small seasonal collection of women’s welted shoes.

A mix of sneakers, high boots and classic shoes with patina twists.

Caulaincourt best welted women's shoes
Best Welted Women’s Shoes | Caulaincourt Pandora

They tend to cost a bit more around $500-650 but the quality is very good.

At the moment of writing they were even on sale making it a no-brainer.

Not that it has a big impact on quality, but notice the construction on each model as many are Blake Stitched.

Check them out here.

Thursday Boots

I am not a huge fan of Thursday Boots and their marketing.

Nonetheless, for their price they are quite decent boots.

And if you are a woman that likes higher heels then you might like these.

There’s a whole bunch of high heeled boots in there with various colors and shapes.

Design wise I actually prefer their stylistic approach compared to some others so far.

Best Welted Women's Shoes | Thursday Boots Soho
Best Welted Women’s Shoes | Thursday Boots Soho (Photo From Thursday Boots)

For just $160-200 you can get something that looks the part and won’t fall off after a few months.

I say this hopefully, because in the women’s section I didn’t find a specific mention of a Goodyear Welt.

You can get Thursday Boots through their website!


Going to Spain to visit Carmina Shoemaker.

A shoemaker from Mallorca famous for their men’s shoes and exciting MTO capabilities.

Carmina is on a whole new level when it comes to women’s welted shoes.

There’s a ton of them in every material, color and combination imaginable.

Not only that, but you can also get higher heels or exotic materials.

Best Welted Women's Shoes | Carmina High Heel Zip Boots (Photo From Carmina)
Best Welted Women’s Shoes | Carmina High Heel Zip Boots (Photo From Carmina)

If you are looking for tall wellingtons you are also in luck.

Prices vary but expect to pay at least $400 in most cases.

The only place to buy these is the Carmina Website.


Velasca is a brand from Italy that produces mostly men’s shoes.

They are a budget brand that started with Blake shoes, but recently moved to Goodyear Welted.

Still quite affordable and they have a women’s line.

I must admit they are quite expensive compared to what I thought.

Best Welted Women's Shoes | Velasca Tusa (Picture From Velasca)
Best Welted Women’s Shoes | Velasca Tusa (Picture From Velasca)

Over $300 up to $450 is quite steep when you can choose from other brands.

There’s quite the variety though and a lot of creativity and visual identity there.

Their lifestyle photography is top notch by the way.


The budget brand of all brands, Meermin also has a range for women.

It’s a much more classic line with mostly lace up boots and loafers.

There’s some flexibility with the color but overall it’s mostly a safe choice.

Nice Bit Loafers from Meermin in Black Calf | Photo From Meermin
Nice Bit Loafers from Meermin in Black Calf | Photo From Meermin

Meermin’s prices for women are comparable to the men’s collection at $170-230.

They only sell direct to consumer via their website.


Santoni is more like a fashion statement and they have the prices to match that.

There’s a lot of Italian flair here with unique designs whether you like them or not.

We know them for their men’s collection but there’s of course a women’s version.

I cannot find with certainty which has a Goodyear Welt or not but the prices are way higher than usual.

There’s a lot going on here | Photo by Santoni

You can find things all the way down to $400-500 but it can easily go over $1000.

The excessive use of polished leather annoys me but if you care more about the looks, this is an option.

Check out the Santoni Collection Here.


Finally, we go to Sweden to my friends at Skolyx.

Famous for their collaboration with TLB Mallorca, they also are partners in the Shoegazing Trunk Show.

Of course, they carry other brands such as Yanko and their in-house Skolyx Label.

They also have a small collection of women’s shoes.

It is only a Jodhpur and Chelsea model but at least you have the flexibility of multiple colors or leathers.

And at just $285 they are also quite affordable.

Check them out!

Any Others?

There are of course here and there other companies that produce women’s welted shoes.

Stefano Bemer can make women’s shoes although on limited lasts.

I heard Vass can do it and Carlos Santos used to have a range as well.

Some other French Brands such as Heschung, Paraboot or Shoepassion from Germany also carry women’s shoes.

Even in the Bespoke arena you can go to Jan Kielman (Poland), Saskia Wittmer (Italy) etcetera.

If I made any glaring omission please let me know in the comments!

Women’s Welted Shoes: There Are Options

As you see, there are definitely a few options when it comes to Welted Women’s Shoes.

Stylistically you can also find a lot of variety if you look around and for all budgets.

If you introduce them to good quality, they will start to understand why we love good shoes so much!

In the meantime, have a good week after the Black Friday madness and see you soon!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Comments (16)

Thank you! I’ve been trying to do more research on some good shoes that will last me for years vs having to replace shoes every 6months or so because i walk so much. I appreciate you placing the price ranges for these various brands as well.

Pleasure Connie! Glad you found it helpful!! Let me know if you found something interesting!

R.M. Williams make a wide range of welted boots for women, which are very popular in Australia. Tricker’s have also launched a women’s line.

Thanks Nick! I totally forgot about RM, good point!

Don’t forget about Grant Stone, J.M Weston, Grenson and Red Wing!

Good call thanks!

Hello there,

there is a new brand called Macian that does Goodyear welted shoes made in England!

Thank you Abigail! I will be sure to take a look.

Don’t forget about Red Wing, Grenson, Grant Stone, and J.M. Weston!

Thank you!

Awesome list! It’s been challenging to find women’s boots that are repairable, this is only the second comprehensible list I’ve come across. Unfortunately the Thursday boot company does not offer a goodyear welt on any of the women’s boots except for the Captain model. Had to dig deep for that info on their FAQ page.

Kostas Mandilaris

Thanks for reading! Sneaky by Thursday’s and unfortunate.

Paraboot also has surprisingly many models for women including their gorgeous Avoriaz boots!

Thank you!

Thanks for the starter list. Sadly, only the captain boot is GYW with Thursday Boots. Another amazing quality option of GYW footwear is Office of Angela Scott. I have a few pairs of shoes/boots and they’re all incredibly made and comfortable.
Another brand out of South America is Adelante, good quality “made to order “ GYW footwear. Cheers!

Thanks! I heard about Thursday’s not so long a go. Bummer and they should be more transparent.

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