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Carlos Santos Chelsea Boots In Beige Suede Showcase | The Noble Shoe

Carlos Santos Chelsea Boots for The Noble Shoe

Merry Suedemas!

We are reaching the end of a very challenging year in 2019 fellow gentlemen. The Holiday Season is a good time to reflect and reward ourselves or our loved ones with some gifts. In today’s Showcase Article I will show you some gorgeous Suede Chelsea Boots that Carlos Santos makes Exclusively for The Noble Shoe. They could be the perfect unique gift for you or a relative for the upcoming spring/summer season.

This not only familiarizes you with the Brand as a whole, but also Shapes, Leathers and Construction. And since some models are phasing out slowly, it is the best time to get a good deal out of them.

Shall we get going?

Christmas Sales At The Noble Shoe

So before we begin it is prudent to talk a little about the final sales of 2019 at The Noble Shoe. In that collection you can find 7 models that are on 15% Discount and 1 on 25%. These are models that I am phasing out slowly to create some new styles for the upcoming year.

The Carlos Santos Chelsea Boots in this Showcase are part of it, while you can get the 7273 Wingtip Oxford for a whole 25% off!

In the upcoming weeks a lot of new styles are going to make an appearance along with more GMTOs! There is also a restock of the 9156 Field Boots in both Grain/Calf and Suede/Calf coming, while the Adelaide Oxford is back in stock next week.

Is there anything you would like to see?

Chelsea Boots & Suede Make A Great Match

So back in the beginnings of my sartorial journey, I realized how important a good pair of Chelsea Boots is. My first purchase was the Loake 1880 Chatsworth which is a decent boot, but nothing I would recommend right now.

Worn by the Beatles, Queens and pretty much everyone around us, Chelsea Boots are a wardrobe staple. And while I learned to love calfskin I also began to develop good emotions about suede. Suede is pretty much the fleshy part of the animal’s hide with usually a soft nap and texture.

Carlos Santos Chelsea Boots for The Noble Shoe Close Up
Carlos Santos Chelsea Boots for The Noble Shoe

While most of the shoes and boots out there come in dark variations of brown I noticed there was a shortage of lighter colors. So this is how I ended up with the Carlos Santos Sandy Beige Suede Chelsea Boots. Many think it is hard to style or match, but I am going to show you otherwise while at the same time explore this particular model.

Tip: Interested in learning more about the types of shoe leather? Check our article.


Carlos Santos Chelsea Boots for The Noble Shoe in Suede

This would not be a proper Showcase without the full list of specifications. Let me show you what you get:

  • Brand: Carlos Santos
  • ShopThe Noble Shoe
  • Type: Chelsea Boot
  • Style: 7902
  • Size: UK 7.5 (US 8.5/EU 41.5)
  • Uppers: Sandy Beige Cow Suede
  • Last: 401
  • Width: Regular
  • Sole: Dainite
  • Lining: Genuine Leather
  • Elastic Side Panel: Dark Brown
  • Construction: Goodyear Welted 270°
  • Made In: Portugal
  • Price: 242$ (185£/2273SEK/217.6€) + VAT

A really good deal with a 15% Discount while all stock lasts. Sizes exist right now from UK 7 up to UK 9.5!

Reminder: VAT is only applicable for countries inside the EU and is 25%.

Looks & Initial Impressions

There is not much that you can do on Chelsea Boots (unless you are Norman Vilalta) to differentiate yourself. Some add broguing while others mess with the height. For me personally the elastic side panel is one thing that can look a bit different and of course the last.

7902 Suede Boots with Suit
One of my favorite recent combos

Let’s start with the basics first. As with all Carlos Santos Shoes these Chelsea Boots come with a high quality box, a branded shoe horn and dust bags. During transport there is also enough cushion and protection to ensure everything arrives safely.

The Boots themselves have a really nice slick shape, while the aforementioned side panel has also a more aggressive sharp edge at the bottom. It really differentiates it from the usual U-Shaped panel. The color hovers between off-white, beige and sometimes has a little yellow tint to it. It really depends on the light but sandy beige is a rather accurate description.

The 401 Last

What more can one say about the Z401 Last from Carlos Santos. It is one of the cornerstones of their gamma and for a good reason. It has a really sleek, tight shape with an almond front toe and looks really elegant on more dressy boots.

401 Last
A nice overview of the Z401 Last of Carlos Santos

It is slightly less roomy and round than the 234 Last and if you can fit nicely in the 387/389 this one will fit great as well. The width is regular so bear that in mind when it comes to sizing.

An excellent last for formal, elegant or unique shoes in my opinion.

Close Look At The Leather

I love the feel of soft suede on shoes. This particular one comes from cow suede that has a super soft velvety nap. It is a joy to touch! As an owner of some suede Carlos Santos sneakers for over a year I am also impressed by their durability.

The only way to say more about the quality of the leather is to use it over time. Don’t forget that it also depends on how you treat your shoes and how careful you are. Suede is definitely more delicate than calf but take care of it and it will look good for a long time.

Suede Boots by The Noble Shoe Pic

These Chelseas are light colored, so this is not an ideal shoe for winter and snow but really shines in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Waterproof them with a spray and they will be a loyal companion for years.

So far I never had an issue with the leather Carlos Santos uses as it comes from the best French Tanneries. All my shoes (and I own a lot!) look great even after a full year of use.

High Quality Elastic Side

This is the actual part of the Chelsea Boots that I like the most even though there is not much to talk about! Since it has a more sharp edged bottom it looks unique compared to most Chelseas out there.

Suede Boots by The Noble Shoe Side View
My most popular photo on Instagram

With an edge pointing towards the front of the uppers I feel it matches the last very well. And it has a really beautifully matching dark brown color contrasting the light suede. It just looks really nice on the feet.

Dainite Soles For Grip & Comfort

Choosing a Dainite Sole was a no brainer for me when it comes to comfort and durability. For such shoes a rubber sole is a really good option as I tend to notice they last longer and perform much better in more averse conditions. Sometimes you must walk in the rain after all.

That’s about it really. I am satisfied with the quality, how it looks and so far all my boots with dainite soles look great one year later.

Stitching & Welt Quality

There is not much stitching going on since this is a Chelsea Boot. Some around the elastic sides and a double stitched backseam and that’s it. Nonetheless, for me it means that the lesser the stitching the more they have to be consistent and careful with it.

Suede Boots by The Noble Shoe stiching
A closer look at the nap, leather and stitching

Luckily this is the case here with no loose threads or any problem whatsoever. I could say the finishing or trimming around the edges at the top of the shaft could be a little finer.

The welt is also very tidy but this is something I am used to by now. From time to time you get a tiny amount of excess thread where the welt ends but my samples are really clean. Dainite Goodyear Welted Soles are easy to resole in any competent cobbler.

Sizing Advice

So here’s the deal, the 401 Last is simply true to size just like the 389. I began experimenting with half a size bigger than what I usually wore until now and I like it. This means that my foot feels more comfortable now at a UK 7.5 rather than a UK 7 since I do not like it too snug anymore.

For you however I would stick with your regular TTS. If you are a UK 8 on say the Carmina Rain this is what you would choose here. If you are a US 9 on an Allen Edmonds 65 then you should also pick a UK 8. However, if you have a wider foot with an E width you could size down just half to a UK 8.5.

I find suede shoes a little more lightweight and flexible than their calf counterparts. Of course if you own any other Carlos Santos shoes choose your regular size and all will be good.

Are They Comfortable?

Of course this depends on what you mean comfortable right? For me they are. I enjoy how the suede hugs my foot and still gives me a snug but not constricting feeling. I can just about wiggle my toes, have just enough space on the side and nothing rubs my heel at the back.

Suede Boots by The Noble Shoe
I feel this shot captures the elegant last very nicely

The insole works rather well for me as well and gives me enough arch support while it also gets softer in time. And don’t forget I am living in Sweden so the sole lets me deal with all those pesky little stones around the streets.

In the end, it is a Goodyear Welted Shoe that molds to your foot over time which means it will become more comfortable. If however you do have a really wide foot, it is probably not the correct last for you.

You Really Think They Are Easy To Match?

This is the most frequent question I get and honestly quite unnecessary. You can literally match these with anything. I often wear them with brown flannel pants for texture, or even grey suit pants. I also feel they look pretty badass with a pair of denim as it makes such an intriguing contrast.

Suede Boots and Denim by The Noble Shoe
Rocking them easily with denim

White and off-white is such a neutral color. Think of it like your basic white dress shirt right? It goes well with every possible suit color or tie combination. The difference here is that there is going to be some more attention to your feet.

What If I Don’t Like The Suede?

Well let’s be honest for a second. Not everyone likes suede and not everyone feels comfortable pulling this color off. So what is your alternative if any?

Lucky for you, I have the Carlos Santos Patina Service, where you can order the 7902 Chelsea Boots in Calf Leather and choose from 18 different Patina colors! It usually takes 3-4 weeks to make and is a nice form of MTO. There is a difference however and that is that through the Patina Service the Chelseas come with a Single Leather Sole instead.

Black Shadow, Braga, Guimaraes, Wine Shadow and Coimbra are some of my favorites along Norte. I just love having so many options!

New Year, New Goals

There we go everyone, we are at the end of the “Carlos Santos 7902 Suede Chelsea Boots Showcase“. A really unique piece with outstanding quality and an irresistible price. Help us clear the last remaining stock so we can create new amazing designs for you!

Other than that, what is next for Misiu Academy? Well, there are some more upcoming articles on MatchU Tailor, reflections about the past year and goals, as well as some incredible shoes by Hephastus Shoemaker and Septieme Largeur. I cannot wait.

Until then, I will see you on Christmas and wish you the very best week! Thank all of you for supporting Misiu Academy and The Noble Shoe.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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