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Lanieri Shirt & Accessories Review | Misiu Academy

Lanieri shirt and accessories reviewBack At It With Lanieri

We are back with a multitude of Lanieri items today, including a shirt, overshirt, tie and pocket square.

A company I trust and really enjoy but not completely free from criticism this time.

Let’s find out what I think about their value proposition this time.

Who Is Lanieri

Since this is not the first (or second) time that I speak about Lanieri, I will not bore you with repetition.

It is a small, lean company from Italy that produces mainly Made to Measure Suits, Coats, Trousers and accessories.

As I was looking to move on from Suitsupply (whose prices have skyrocketed again) I got my first Lanieri suit and was hooked.

Great fabrics, good execution, great value proposition and suits made in Italy instead of China.

I ended up buying 2 suits, 4 trousers and a multitude of accessories before these new purchases.

Recently they revamped their website (which I think was unnecessary) and unfortunately removed their ambassador program for the time being.

This means there is currently no first purchase discount code referral that I know of.

Their prices also went up recently which is never good but understandable given the inflation and rising costs of goods.

Today’s Review Items

Lanieri Overshirt Denim Review
Lanieri Shirt, Overshirt, Tie & Pocket Square Review

I was due a big overhaul when it comes to my more casual clothes.

This began last year when I moved to Italy and I invested in a few key items by Luca Faloni and of course Lanieri.

I also had some shop credit handy which meant I didn’t have to spend as much money in total.

In total I bought:

  • A Lanieri Flannel Denim Colored Overshirt
  • A Lanieri Beige Cotton Cashmere Shirt
  • Two Silk Ties
  • Two Pocket Squares

With the exception of one tie and one pocket square, all the other items are on display here.

I spent a total of 150 Euros ($160 USD) which was amazing but that includes my 300 Euro discount from store credit.

Even for the full price of 450, this was a pretty fair price for a bunch of great custom items.

Delivery & Lead Time

I placed my order mid-November last year and it took approximately 3 weeks to receive everything.

This was great as I got to use them during Christmas and before my trip to London.

As always, the packaging was solid and I like that the accessories came neatly inside some custom Lanieri Boxes.

Those are great for storage and I will be keeping them as I can fit multiple ties and pocket squares.

So far, I found that barring some holiday period, Lanieri delivers on their lead times.

Now let’s begin looking at each product.

Choosing An Outfit

Lanieri OutfitFor the purpose of this Review, I used one base outfit which had the same components.

I just exchanged the sports coat for the overshirt and voila.

There are many that can argue about things such as the trousers being short, the tie slightly long or that I wore a tie with a button down shirt.

It is fine and that’s how I liked this, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Regardless I think I created a nice combination of textures, patterns and colors.

For the top, I chose a flannel windowpane brown jacket by Cavaliere Sweden.

I really like it as it is very flexible, easy to wear and brown goes with virtually everything.

Especially as I grow a bit older, earthy tones are my go to.

It also matches nicely the shirt, tie and pocket square and of course the classic navy trousers.

For the choice of footwear and socks I went a bit more bold and Italian.

Caulaincourt Gattaca and Celchuk Socks
The Caulaincourt Gattaca and Celchuk Socks

I recently got a ton of OTC socks by Celchuk Luxury (Formerly Viccel Socks).

These have a nice mustard color with horizontal stripes.

Lastly, the trusty Caulaincourt Gattaca Loafers make an appearance as spring is finally arriving in Italy.

All in all, I though these were some solid choices which have a nice balance.

The Lanieri Accessories

Lanieri Accessories
A closer look at the Lanieri tie and pocket square

I would like to get the good and easy things out of the way first.

For a cost of approximately $60 per tie and $35 per pocket square I am extremely happy.

That includes the second tie and square that I did not include in this review.

I might not be an expert on accessories but I can recognize a good quality product.

Comparing them to Granqvist and Dignito they might not be better but they are pretty good.

Nice quality silk, fine quality print and the ties make a nice dimple while remaining lightweight.

Lanieri Silk Tie ReviewThe selection of ties and pocket squares is not too flamboyant or creative design wise, but that was not what I was looking for.

I looked for a modern twist with classic colors and fine prints.

This tie in particular has some lovely geometric shapes and colors that include navy, light blue, red and yellow.

Easy to match and goes well with the rest of the outfit.

The pocket square has some similar colors but is a touch lighter, to not match the tie color or shirt completely.

Pocket squares have so much hidden beauty as more often than not you just see the “tip of the iceberg”.

Lanieri Silk Pocket Square
The Lanieri Silk Pocket Square

It can tell an incredible story while being tucked away in that chest pocket.

If you get some suit from Lanieri, I can recommend grabbing a couple of accessories.

With frequent use over the past 3.5 months, they also show no sign of wear and tear.

The Lanieri Dress Shirt

Lanieri Shirt Review
The Lanieri Beige Shirt Review

It is time to talk about the shirt I got from Lanieri.

If I had to pick one item that I would not have bought it would probably be this one.

Not because it is too bad, but because it is not as good as I wished.

The quality of the material is great in a soft, airy cotton/cashmere blend by Tessuti Testa.

It has a nice beige color, though depending on light it might veer more towards salmon.

Light brown is a very discrete and underrated color and makes for an excellent shirt in my opinion.

I went for a button down version and barrel cuffs.

Button Down LanieriMy first complaint was that the collar seems to be a bit too long at the tip and a bit oversized.

Unfortunately, I am not sure if I simply chose the wrong type of collar as there are variations of button downs to choose from.

It is not that bad, but also not the one I want comparing it to Apposta for example.

Shirt cuffsThere are also some loose threads at the cuff, which is no big deal but they were pretty long too.

Most importantly, the fit is a bit off.

Lanieri uses the measurements you save during account creation.

They work really well for suits but dress shirts seem to be a bit trickier.

You can see that there’s a bit of space at the sleeve and I will need to take in the darts at the back.

Back of Lanieri Shirt
The Back of the Lanieri Shirt

It is not a bad job but for the full $150 price I would not recommend it.

For shits I still prefer Apposta and if I had to use Lanieri again I would definitely do it in person in one of their studios.

To their credit, they offered to remake it for me but as a casual shirt it can give me a relaxed fit.

The Lanieri Overshirt

Denim overshirt
The Denim overshirt

From all the items in this Review, this is probably my favorite and most used.

This is an overshirt which is already a new and foreign concept to me.

It is a very vague hybrid mix of a jacket and shirt and is extremely flexible.

Made from wool in a denim blue color, it has a 3 button closure, a chest pocket and two side pockets.

Front Fit
Front Fit

Those remain unused but still make the outfit look appealing to me.

The wool comes from Reda (a mill that owns Lanieri I think) and has a flannel brushed feeling.

Rich color, cozy texture and I actually received compliments from my girlfriend while wearing it.

It fits quite well and the fact that it is an overshirt and more roomy works to its advantage.

It’s slightly longer at the sleeves and has a two button closure, which can be a little annoying if you need to remove it fast.

The buttons are nice and match the rest of the shirt well.

As for the lapels I think they are a good size, without being too small and anemic or too large trying to imitate a jacket.

One thing you might notice is that there are a few wrinkles (especially at the back).

Back Fit
Back Fit

I intentionally left them as they were to show you that the fabric is good and durable, but still requires maintenance and steaming.

I just traveled back from London and had it in my backpack, so be aware of such things.

The stretch wool makes it so comfortable to wear too.

I am going way overboard with dressy chinos and a tie here, but you can still pull it off.

It’s a style you can wear over a simple shirt, turtleneck or a nice crew neck sweater.

I really like it and I think I might get a second overshirt later this year.

Can I recommend Lanieri?

I still enjoy Lanieri as a company very much, but they have to be really careful with the prices going up.

Their top end can be as expensive as $1500 and even though the fabrics are top notch, it’s starting to reach a place where I’d rather visit a local tailor.

The entry level is around 800-900 which is still ok and I would take them over Suitsupply any day of the week.

From today’s review items, I would definitely recommend the ties and the pocket squares.

Fairly priced, good quality and enough variety to spruce up a more conservative outfit.

The overshirt was also excellent and just around $150 making it an excellent purchase in my book.

As for the dress shirt I think there are better alternatives out there and I would choose it only if you have a perfect fit, want a one stop shop or can visit them in their atelier in person.

So far their customer service is excellent and responsive and I appreciate them reaching out to me from time to time.

Way more popular in Italy and France, but they are still a good company worth considering even abroad.


Last week was the first week I did not write an article and that is ok.

I want to be motivated, have quality content and not just push an article for the sake of it.

This week I had time and energy to go outside and take some wonderful photos that hopefully showcase the products well.

I am back in my happier place now and certainly felt good enough wearing these clothes from Lanieri.

While I sure wish they bring back the ambassador program, I can still recommend them for the time being.

Let’s see what happens next week while I try to dress myself in a tuxedo!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Where is the brown windowpane sport coat (first photo) from? Really sharp fabric and cut.

Hey Alex, I bought it 3-4 years ago from Caveliere Sweden. It has held up really well so far and the fabric is good.

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