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The Noble Shoe Clearance Sales & New Arrivals [2023]

Norman Vilalta GasparSales & New Arrivals 2023

Welcome to a quick article about the latest clearance sales of discontinued items at The Noble Shoe.

Get some great deals on remaining Carlos Santos Shoes and 50% Off luxury brand Norman Vilalta.

There’s also a quick showcase of some exciting new models that will be available in 2023!

Sales: Making Space For New Collections

As the owner of a smaller (well not so small anymore!) business, I have to be very careful with our stock.

Our range and models continuously expand and are at a point where they are optimally sufficient.

Some products do not perform as well commercially or are in need of a refresh to keep the store ahead of the curve.

The Noble Shoe has a “Never on Sale” Policy which will always be true for our core collection.

However, once or twice per year depending on what is coming in we will be doing a small clearance of such products.

There won’t be as many pairs and sizes per style but if you find your size you can get a great deal.

Let’s see what’s currently available.

Disclaimer: Shoes on Sale are Final and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Buy The Clearance Sale

1. Carlos Santos Discontinued Items

Carlos Santos 7991 Coimbra 3To make it easier, I made a specific section in the menu called Clearance.

Most of the shoes present will be from Carlos Santos as we manage our exciting collection.

At the moment of writing you will find a few remaining models in wardrobe staples such as Chukka Boots, Dark Brown Oxfords and a few remaining pairs of Field Boots.

There is also a dedicated page called “Odd Stock” which will be continuously populated with single pairs that got cancelled or never picked up.

Right now there aren’t many left because most pairs sold very quickly in the past few months.

2. Norman Vilalta 50% Off

Norman Vilalta Adelaide for The Noble ShoeMost of you will be familiar with Norman Vilalta, a luxury handmade brand from Spain with unique designs.

Last year, I was happy to announce our capsule collection with Norman Vilalta of 5 Exclusive Models.

That collaboration is now over and we have a few remaining pairs on a massive 50% Discount.

The Exclusive Norman Vilalta Haring for The Noble ShoeThese are 1300-1500$ USD Shoes for half price including high-end shoe trees.

At that price point they are an absolute steal and you help support the shop greatly.

The Exclusive Norman Vilalta Tete for The Noble Shoe
The Exclusive Norman Vilalta Tete for The Noble Shoe

The pairs are new, unworn and in mint condition ready to take your wardrobe to the next level.

You can find them both at the Clearance Section or at the dedicated collection below.

Buy The Norman Vilalta Sale

New Arrivals

I wish I had time and space to list all the amazing new things that are coming to The Noble Shoe.

We have incredible things in the works with Enzo Bonafe, Paolo Scafora, Carlos Santos and a secret that I cannot share with you yet.

For now, I will show some of the new things.

1. Carlos Santos GMTOs

The Noble Shoe is known for the exciting and one of a kind Group Made To Orders especially with Carlos Santos.

This time around I put a couple of awesome boots and suede adelaides to spice things up.

Hiking Boots and Shadow Stripe Socks
The Petrol Shadow Stripe Socks

Hiking Boots with lovely Scotchgrain Leather and a unique aesthetic via a buckle.

Feedback has been great for this one and they are already funded.

The Adelaide Oxford in Dark Brown Suede is also a classic and has some design twists with overlapping broguing.

2. Carlos Santos New Arrivals

Carlos Santos Loafers by The Noble Shoe
Carlos Santos Loafers by The Noble Shoe

There are far too many arrivals to talk about.

We are talking about a full scale collection of Boots, Shoes, Loafers, you name it.

I recommend taking a look at the New Arrivals Collection which has everything and you might need to scroll down a lot!

This is seriously our biggest collection and range yet with many loafers, suede, exciting boots for the new season and other brands we will talk about.

Carlos Santos Suede Penny Loafers The Noble Shoe
Carlos Santos Suede Penny Loafers The Noble Shoe

The most recent arrival is a Dark Brown Suede and Mid-Brown Suede Penny Loafer.

It was supposed to be unlined, but I opted for the regular version.

Shop New Arrivals

3. Luxury Shoe Trees

The Noble Shoe Exclusive Shoe Trees
The Noble Shoe Exclusive Shoe Trees

Due to a decline in the quality of the Carlos Santos Shoe Trees I took it upon myself to develop new ones.

Developed by me in Tuscany from some of the best, these will be a perfect fit for all our shoes.

The are slightly hollowed, from high quality wood and are specially lasted for Carlos Santos and more.

They even have a unique design element on the handle and come in two shapes (almond and soft square).

Expecting delivery in the next 2 months.

4. Paolo Scafora GMTOs

The Noble Shoe Sharkskin Shoes
The Noble Shoe Sharkskin Shoes

There’s a ton of goodies coming from Paolo Scafora and more will roll each month.

Right now we have a stunning sharkskin monk strap and a wingtip oxford.

There’s also a snippet of what’s to come in other colors.

The Noble Shoe Amarone Shoes

Stay tuned as they have the flexibility of a 50% Deposit instead of paying the full amount upfront.

Quality Of Life Updates

Having a good website is only half the work.

I have to be vigilant all the time for groundbreaking bugs but also improving the user experience.

After noticing a trend of people never reading the descriptions and sizing advice it was time to take action.

I completely redesigned all product pages in a process that took months with helpful tabs of product descriptions, sizing and returns.

I hope you enjoy them and find them much easier to use.

The only pages remaining are the patina service, belts and some minor things that need a complete overhaul and reimagining.

I would like to give an applause to my wonderful new teammate Laura Puscasu, who does our photography including those stunning images above.

Final Remarks

It’s quite unbelievable that in one month, The Noble Shoe will be over 4 years old.

While I try to limit the amount of content that promotes my own brand, it is ok from time to time.

And right now, with our upcoming appearance in the London Super Trunk Show in less than two weeks looming it was perfect.

Quite honestly, I cannot wait to share with you what I have in stock for the end of the year.

I hope you enjoy our small clearance sales, new arrivals and quality of life upgrades.

It’s also an amazing time if you are a shoe lover to get one of the Norman Vilalta shoes on 50% off.

Thank you for your support and I will see you next week with a Review from Shibumi Firenze.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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