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Enzo Bonafe Shoes: The Noble Shoe Collection Showcase Part 1

Enzo Bonafe Shoes CollectionA Collection, Almost Complete

In the past months (and following) you will be seeing a lot of content about Enzo Bonafe Shoes.

This is because our fruitful partnership at The Noble Shoe is growing rapidly.

Today I want to take the opportunity to show you most of the Enzo Bonafe Collection for the next 12 months.

Enjoy this short, picture heavy article!

Design Process & Choices

Horsebit Loafers Gucci The Noble ShoeLuckily I live just 40 minutes away from Bologna, home of the Enzo Bonafe workshop.

All I needed to do in February was take a train, go there and go through the models and designs.

I believe I came up with some smashing models and only in the last month they arrived and were ready for a reveal.

It’s a very challenging aspect of shoe design to take a model that appears lackluster or boring and turn it into something special.

You should have seen for example how bad the initial Horsebit loafer I based the “Gucci” one on looked!

Identifying the model is key and always the first step, as well as it’s purpose and construction.

Then I proceed with what I think is an appropriate last and look for the leather I feel suits it best.

In certain cases, I also add varying small elements that can really make a difference as you will see.

Where Can I find All These Models?

To get this out of the way first, these are models that will initially be Group Made to Orders at The Noble Shoe.

They require a minimum of 4 entries to go through and production usually is 16-20 weeks.

Luckily, I offer a flexible 50% deposit with the remaining 50% balance to be collected before shipping.

Lastly, you can even choose not to include shoe trees with your purchase (though I don’t recommend!) and it shaves an extra $130 off the price.

Some models might be live right now, some might have finished and others are not uploaded yet on the system.

Be patient, subscribe to the newsletter or check often!

And do not forget that you can always make these shoes and modify them via our Enzo Bonafe Shoes MTO Program.

Browse Group Made To Orders

1. “Gucci” Inspired Horsebit Loafers

I will get this one out of the way fast, since I dedicated an article about it.

A stunning Horsebit loafer in Black Construction and a stunning green calf color inspired by the Gucci logo.

For more details refer to the article!

It is a GMTO Live until tomorrow and proved to be extremely popular so far!

2. Blue Calf/Suede Button Boots

This is my first foray into the Button Boots Victorian world and the result was great.

A wonderful pull up Betis calf in blue with a blue suede shaft and natural contrasting piping.

All with a hand-welted construction and a leather sole for the ultimate suave and elegance.

Made on the 804 rounder last.

3. Tobacco Suede Plain Derby

A current GMTO and wonderful entry for casual dressers with a must have suede blucher.

Hand-welted shoes on a rubber Vibram Sole and the rounded 363MOD Last.

Excellent quality suede and perfect for every day wear during all seasons.

The suede is waterproof and not afraid of the elements.

4. Snuff Calf Wingtip Derby

Keeping the same trend but moving to casual calf and more details, we have a wingtip derby.

It is also handwelted and this time features a kind of pull up calf with a lot of character and a leather sole.

The first time I used the 74945 Last of Enzo Bonafe and I feel these shoes nail the point completely.

5. Shark Strap Black Penny Loafers

Shark Strap Black Penny LoafersThis one just came in today and it was a brilliant idea!

A classic but sharp penny loafer on a more soft square last in black calf.

However the real showstopper here is the fact that I added a black shark leather strap!

It makes a ton of difference and it is unique, yet not so much more costly.

Release date is pending but it will definitely be there next summer.

6. Horween Hatchgrain Norwegian Split-Toe Derby

Horween Hatchgrain Split Toe DerbySplit-Toe Derbies, Norwegian Construction and Horween Leather are all the rage these days.

So I decided to marry all 3 aspects together and this is what came out!

A 360 Chained Norwegian Split-Toe Derby in Horween Hatchgrain and a Vibram Sole.

Expect to see this one soon, it’s fantastic and the first Horween Leather on our list today.

7. Etrusco Museum Calf Wholecut Chelsea Boots

Etrusco Calf Enzo Bonafe ShoesThis is the first time I bring Wholecut Chelsea Boots in the store and it’s a great one.

In Museum “wine” etrusco calf and a half-rubber Vibram city sole to really stand out.

The leather is very rich and I think this will make for a killer outfit.

8. Horween Color 8 Norwegian Chukka Boots

Onto a real show stopper in the most famous Shell Cordovan Color 8 by Horween.

A 360 Chained Norwegian Delight that comes with complimentary braided shoelaces (and regular ones).

This is as good as it gets and expect to see it very soon!

9. Shark STrap Jodhpurs

Last but not least, we have a Jodhpur with a shark strap detail.

It’s an easy way to add uniqueness to such a wonderful boot already.

You can see how well balanced it is and how it matches seamlessly.

One of my favorite pairs from these.

Which One Do I Like The Most?

Due to the design process, I really like the Gucci Loafers.

The Shell Cordovan Chukkas are near the top for me and so are the split-toe derbies.

I thoroughly love the Jodhpurs as well.

Very hard to pick but most likely it would have to be a tie between the green loafers and the color 8 chukkas!


This is just Part 1 of the Enzo Bonafe Shoes Showcase for The Noble Shoe for the next 12 months.

It was a simple, picture heavy article where I can be proud and show you my creations before they are even uploaded to the website.

If you have any questions or want to order one, I will be happy to entertain questions.

In the meantime, let me know in the comments which is your favorite and why!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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