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Carlos Santos Group Made To Order Showcase For The Noble Shoe 2022

Carlos Santos Group Made to Order

An Exciting New Showcase

Welcome to my Carlos Santos Group Made to Order Showcase for 2021-2022!

A short, informative article to share with you details about upcoming make ups I worked on for my shop!

There are 4 amazing, unique styles to keep you busy for the rest of the year.

Excited? So am I so let’s go!

Italian Premise

It’s no secret that I am the owner of The Noble Shoe.

The Noble Shoe is a small online shop focusing on the best welted shoes at all price points with the best service you will ever have.

I always try to push the envelope when it comes to new make ups and offerings.

So a few times each year I commission a few samples that will serve as the basis for upcoming Group Made to Orders.

Essentially a small crowdfunding campaign that requires a certain amount of entries to go forward.

This week, the latest samples arrived and I am excited to share them with you in a short article showcase.

I say short, because next week I will be in Italy so I am incredibly busy packing my things!

But I can’t leave my readers without some content right?

Instead of “reviewing” and a biased outlook on my favorite value brand of shoes, I will instead showcase them briefly.

After all, these are styles that you will not find in any other Carlos Santos retailer.

1. Carlos Santos 9995 Handgrade Chukka Boots In Black Hatchgrain

Earlier this year, when I commissioned a Crockett & Jones Tetbury in Black Calf for a client, I thought about how can I improve it.

An iconic, sharp Chukka that James Bond is proudly wearing.

So I asked Ana Santos (the daughter of Carlos) to find me a leather that has the texture of Utah/Hatchgrain.

Hatch grain Chukka Boots
Carlos Santos Group Made To Order | Black Hatchgrain Chukkas

She came up with this gorgeous tight textured calf with a Hatchgrain pattern that resembles a small grid.

It looks phenomenal in black and on Chukka Boots.

The next step was to apply the proper last, which is the 462 soft square for a very aggressive, Italian look.

Finished on the Handgrade sole with a closed channel, patinated leather sole seemed appropriate.

This model is currently live until the 1st of December 2021 and will cost you $439.99.

Group Made To Order Page

2. Carlos Santos 9156 Field Boot In Olive Suede/Guimaraes

If you are looking for the best value/quality ratio Edward Green Galway lookalike then look no further.

At The Noble Shoe I always have some make ups in stock while creating new exciting ones.

This time, I wanted a bit of a greener suede shade at the top of the shaft with a patina bottom.

The result was an olive subtle suede color with the Guimaraes patina underneath.

Carlos Santos Group Made to Order Field Boots
Carlos Santos Group Made To Order | Suede/Calf Field Boots

Built on the 445 Last with a lovely shape and gentle burnishing even along the seams of the suede.

My choice of sole was the popular ridgeway rubber sole for durability and comfort.

Very unique and chic, I hope you will all love it.

This will be available probably in December 2021 so keep an eye!

Price will be about $339.99.

3. Carlos Santos 9989 Split-Toe Chukka Boots In Mid-Brown Suede

One of the challenges of making a new model is to take an existing style and giving it an extreme makeover.

I once saw the 9899 Split-Toe Boot on the Carlos Santos Factory visit of 2020.

It didn’t look great but I saw potential in it.

A few months ago, a client on Styleforum privately contacted me and asked if I can make him a Suede Split-Toe Boot.

And there you have it!

Carlos Santos Suede Chukkas
Carlos Santos Group Made To Order | Suede Split-Toe Chukkas

On the 401 or 445 Last with a lovely mid brown suede color and a leather sole.

Perfect for a weekend or Friday stroll or even putting them on to get the groceries.

This will look lovely with suede and the more casual style you appreciate in the USA.

You will also notice subtle differences in the style of the side panels and the lacing system, reminiscent of Ghillie brogues.

These will land in either December or January 2022 for about $339.99.

4. Carlos Santos 8866 Jumper Boots In Grain Patina

One of my favorite brands of all time is Norman Vilalta (whose 50th birthday was this Sunday by the way!).

He pioneered the commando sole, patina, grain leather and square last combination.

A combination that is so hard to get right and can lead to something disastrous in most cases.

Carlos Santos Jumper Boot
Carlos Santos Group Made To Order | Alentejo Grain Jumper Boots

I took the fan favorite 8866 Jumper Boot and put it on the 387 soft square last which is one of the best square lasts I’ve seen at those prices.

A storm welt for a little bit of function and some volume plus a commando sole and voila.

Finishing up with a gorgeous Scotchgrain Patina (in this case Alentejo) and burnished edges.

Super nice make up, the patina is up for discussion so let me know!

These will also be available for about $339.99 in the next few months.

Bonus Sneak Peek!

Just before moving to Italy, I managed to shoot one last video of all these shoes in action.

I will roll them out in the next few weeks, but you can get a sneak peek of the Hatchgrain Chukkas until I publish it.



Very excited to move to Italy and bring you a totally new type of content, but also to get these samples going!

Always something new, always something different and pushing the boundaries.

And the Carlos Santos Group Made to Order is an expression of that creativity!

I hope you love my creativity, make ups as much as I love your support!

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite make up and why or what you would like to see next!

Until next week, stay dapper and buy good shoes my friends!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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