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Lanieri Trousers MTM Review: Custom High Quality Trousers

Lanieri Dress Trousers ReviewLong Overdue Review

Welcome to my Review of my MTM Custom Trousers from Lanieri.

I bought and received them this summer actually hence the overdue review.

For a change, I decided to wear them extensively first and then report back.

In this article you will find my findings and continued satisfaction with Lanieri.

Let’s begin!

Who Is Lanieri & Why It’s My Favorite

There is rarely a thing such as the “definitive best”.

Obviously, the best would be a pair of Bespoke Trousers.

However, not everyone needs Bespoke nor can afford it.

Due to the declining quality, service and skyrocketing prices of Suitsupply, I finally looked elsewhere in 2021.

Luckily, I found Lanieri which is an Italian custom brand actually producing their products in Italy.

They not only have rather good prices, but I found their quality and service excellent across the board.

It didn’t take long before they became my new favorite custom brand.

In fact, I already have 2 Suits and 5 trousers from them.

Here’s the Review links for those interested in the suits:

Recently, I bought 4 trousers and today I am going to talk about 2 of them.

Two linen beautiful chinos and two more dressy in different fabrics.

Those of you that want to give Lanieri a try can use the code MISIUACADEMY during checkout for a 50$ discount.

I should mention I am not sponsored by Lanieri and barring one suit I purchased everything else with my own money.

At the time of writing, they are also doing a 30% Black Friday Promo so take advantage of it.

Oops, remember that discount codes can’t be combined with sales!

Get $50 Off Lanieri (Code MISIUACADEMY)

Today’s Review Items

While browsing my collection, I realized that I lacked a few high quality key items.

Specifically, blue dress pants and a more cream, beige pair of chinos.

Both are extremely flexible and versatile clothes that you can mix and match endlessly and effortlessly.

Let’s begin with the specifications

  • Brand: Lanieri
  • Fabric 1: Blue Cotton Cashmere (CHS23300-315)
  • Fabric 2: Dark Beige Cotton Cashmere (CHS23300-322)
  • Composition: 95% Cotton/5% Cashmere
  • Mill: Solbiati
  • Pleats: Single
  • Buttons: Midnight Blue
  • Belt: Side Adjusters
  • Turn Up: No
  • Width at Hem: Medium
  • Rise: +4.5 cm
  • Made In: 100% Italy
  • Price: $320

If you find them on the current Black Friday Sale it will cost you about $288.

In comparison, a comparable Suitsupply Made To Order would cost about $300 and more for an in-store MTM Experience.

Now let’s get down to business.

Order Process

Since I already had my measurements in my profile, it was very easy to reorder.

All I had to do was choose the details of my trousers at the Lanieri customization tool.

However, since adjusting the rise of the trousers is not an option, I simply left a note in my cart.

As a reminder, you can increase the rise of your trousers by up to +6 cm (~2.32 inches).

Tip: Read about trouser rise in this article

Unboxing & Delivery

I ordered my trousers around mid April and received them in mid June.

There was a slight delay of a few days but they informed me via email.

As always they shipped with DHL Express and I received them within a day at my home.

Lanieri thank you note
The Lanieri Thank You note

Nicely packed and folded with an easy-box that arrived in good condition.

Overall I had constant communication with the Lanieri representatives and they ensured the rise of my trousers would be correct.

I found their team to be most responsive via email as I never received any reply on Instagram.

Initial Impressions

It is always quite hard to visualize the fabric just from product pictures.

You can order a small swatch from Lanieri to see the fabrics of course.

The hardest part however is to really understand the texture and feel from the pictures.

I was looking for two pairs of dress trousers that would also act as chinos or mix & match easily.

Both ended up exactly how I hoped for.

Turtleneck and chinosI am a fan of the smoother, dressier type of cotton trousers and the extra cashmere adds fineness and smoothness to them.

The color is also classic with the first being navy blue (though not extremely dark) while the second a classic beige.

I would say the beige trousers have a bit more of a light tint to them which I prefer.

It makes for a nice contrast and is excellent for breaking up outfits.

Everything looked to be in order both inside and outside of the trousers.

Fit Check

Obviously, the most important part of a garment or shoes is the fit.

I quickly put on the trousers to try them out and make sure the rise was correct.

Given that I have suits and also linen chinos from Lanieri I would say there is an important point here.

My linen chinos on the same measurements run definitely a bit looser and less slim.

Lanieri Trousers Review
Here paired with my Vass Budapest Shoes

On these I also noticed a slight difference in how it fits at the hip and waist area.

So I would urge you to be a bit more cautious and ask Lanieri if there is any difference at all.

While I preached how much I like high rise trousers in the past, I did come up with a new issue.

With +4.5 cm and a bit of covid belly, my butt looks massive and that translates to bad pictures.

Next time, I will be trying a medium rise to find the balance.

Additionally, the extra weight around the waist causes the waistband to fold after sitting too long.

On the other hand, the trousers are extremely comfortable with spacious pockets and tasteful discrete pleats.

Belt Loops Lanieri Blue Pants
Certainly loving the belt loops, spacious pockets and pleats

The side adjusters are functional and look nice and overall the pants drape nicely.

I suffer from footballer’s leg syndrome with curved legs and it causes an unsightly bunching of fabric most of the time.

But this is something only bespoke could fix really or a meeting with a tailor.

As for the length, it was also spot on without the need for any additional changes.

Purely on fit, I am very happy with how these turned out.

Details & Quality

Since June, I wore the trousers extensively.

During the hot months less of course, but non stop rotation during September, October and November.

Just like my previous trousers from Lanieri, they perform well and are very comfortable.

All the stitches are were they should be and they are strong enough to support the massive iPhones and sharp wallets of our times.

Beige TrousersA commonly faltering area is the zipper in trousers, but so far so good.

As you can see on the back picture, if you sit a lot the cotton fabric will still crease a lot.

Lanieri Blue Trousers Back FitBut this is natural for such fabrics and you should be dry cleaning them anyways.

Here and there, I did notice a loose thread around the pocket area here and there.

As far as the rise and the crotch, they are much more durable than the average Suitsupply low rise trousers.

Front Fit
Plenty of space at the waistline

Due to the extra room and the fabric not being tight in your crotch, there’s less stress and chance to rip.

Any Negatives?

I think I already mentioned most of my “issues” and they have nothing to do with the actual quality.

Other than my own physique, which I am working on the only thing was the folding waistband.

In another linen trouser I had a slight issue where the pocket seam ripped at the bottom.

To their credit, Lanieri immediately offered me a refund or credit after I repaired them.

While this is not relevant to these trousers per se, I would (as with all) be weary about overstuffing my pockets.

How Do I wear THem?

Since this are separates, this is exactly how I wear them.

For the blue trousers I can select dress shirts, a jacket, a turtleneck or a regular sweater depending on the occasion.

This time in a very rare event I went with a more monochromatic look.

Blue Outfit
Lanieri Trousers Review | My First Outfit

On top I have another staple which is a blue cashmere turtleneck by Gobi Cashmere.

The same things apply to the beige trousers although I create a contrast on the top.

Lanieri Review Beige Trousers

As for shoes, this is one of the occasions that almost anything goes.

Brown, Burgundy, Black and other variations are all fair game and depend on your style.

I decided to take my Dark Brown Museum Calf Austerity Brogues by Vass Budapest with me.

Vass Shoes Lanieri Trousers
Lanieri Trousers Review | The shoes from Vass Budapest

While still an oxford, it can be as formal or casual as you need it to.

It also is fully handmade, looks good and ages well!

You can check out my Review of Vass Here!

Where To Buy Lanieri

Lanieri is a mostly online company but they do have some physical locations in Europe.

You can find them mostly in Italy, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

For the rest, you can do your online shopping on their website.

A reminder is that I buy my own things there, but I do have a discount code for your first purchase.

If you use my code, I also get $50 of store credit which I will be happy to use!

Win win for everyone.

Get $50 Off Lanieri (Code MISIUACADEMY)

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of my Lanieri Dress Trousers Review.

The company has impressed me with their offerings, quality and customer service so far.

Their prices are also extremely fair compared to competitors and they are made in Italy too.

Sooner or later, I will visit the Roma store and get professionally measured for a new suit.

In the meantime, let me know if you tried Lanieri or plan to and what are your thoughts!

I will see you next week, it’s my birthday!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Did you have to ask them for a high rise specially? or can we specify rise in measurements on their website?

I asked them for a +4.5 cm rise!

Thanks for replying! Is it for front rise only?

The entire rise

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