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Comparing Suitsupply Trousers To Lanieri: Same Fabric, Different Result

Suitsupply Emerald Green SuitAn interesting experiment

Today I decided to write an article comparing a pair of Suitsupply trousers and the same one from Lanieri.

Both cut from the same cloth, in the same color but with many differences.

It was an interesting experiment that was a pleasant surprise.

It will also be a nice review for Lanieri and a test for their consistency or improvement.

Shall we?

A little backstory

Last week, I wrote a nice simple article talking about trouser rise.

Quite coincidentally, a day later my new pants from Lanieri arrived.

Back in 2018 I bought a Dark Green Double Breasted Suit from Suitsupply’s Emerald Green Capsule.

Despite its flaws, I loved it to death and was gutted when after 1.5 years and just 30 wears it ripped at the crotch.

Suitsupply Emerald Green Suit
The original full Suitsupply Emerald Green Suit

A recurring theme with my Suitsupply items has been buttons breaking, loose stitching and sketchy reinforcement.

For 2 years I looked for the same fabric to make new trousers since a Green Double Breasted Jacket is virtually useless alone.

Then 1 month ago I stumbled upon Lanieri’s fabrics and voila!

The fabric looked similar, was flannel and the code was almost identical.

I ordered a swatch to test and to my delight it was the same.

And that is how I ordered today’s comparison trousers.

Disclaimer: Lanieri sent me the first suit for free as a review item. However I purchased these trousers and the second suit myself for full price.

Specifications comparison

I am not entirely sure how to lay this out, but I guess I will do the same for both in one line.

  • Brand: Suitsupply/Lanieri
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Material: Pure Wool (Flannel)
  • Fabric Code: 504.801-541/504.901-541
  • Mill: Vitale Barberis Canonico
  • Made In; China/Italy
  • Price: $240/€160 ($180)

As you can see the specs are exactly the same, barring the modifications on the Lanieri.

You see, the Suitsupply version was part of a RTW Suit which cost about $485 at the time.

If you go into the Suitsupply custom made program and select pure wool flannel, the cost is $240.

The Lanieri is also Made To Measure so I had extra modifications I will talk about in detail later.

For example, it has a high rise, side adjusters, cuffs and custom lining.

fabric comparison

Really, there is not much to say here because the two fabrics are identical.

From the color, to the texture and perceived weight it feels the same.

Comparing Suitsupply lanieri fabric
Comparing Suitsupply vs Lanieri Trousers | Fabric

That is at least good news and shows that if you can figure out the fabric code, it becomes easier to choose.

However, the eagle eyed reader might spotted that there is a tiny difference in the fabric code.

Instead of 801 it is 901. I think the only difference when feeling the fabrics is that the Lanieri is slightly heavier.

Lanieri quotes this as 340 gr/m actually which is pretty nice.

The Suitsupply version feels rather thin at times even if it is flannel.

durability comparison

Flannel is not the most durable fabric but it has this adorable fuzzy, enveloping texture.

Due to how they brush it, it creates a lot of friction in stressed areas.

Actually the most likely area to rip is the crotch, or just between your legs.

When I look at the Suitsupply trousers, the thinner fabric and the tension made it worse.

Despite that, I find it unacceptable that they ripped after what was 30 wears.

Comparison Suitsupply Trousers Hole
The Suitsupply trousers ripped at the crotch in less than 1.5 years

My thoughts are that since this is a low rise trouser based on their Brescia model it affected the durability.

I always had to pull my trousers up and that created extra pressure on the crotch area.

If you keep pulling a fabric and stretching it to its limits it will break sooner than later.

Lesson learned, which is why I went for a high rise on the Lanieri.

We will see how that one will fare, so hopefully I will not update this in 2 years in anger.

construction comparison

The difference of $60 is quite substantial and one would think Suitsupply should be better at.

I spent a lot of time looking at the seams, pockets, stitching and pattern matching.

Or small details like the seam at the back of the after dinner split.

For the most part. everything looks similar especially when one looks at the back pockets.

Lanieri back pockets
Lanieri back pockets

You can notice that Lanieri has 2 single seams above each pocket while Suitsupply only 1.

Suitsupply back pockets
Suitsupply back pockets

Also at the front of the zipper, the seam is more visible in the Lanieri but also has a bigger chain stitch.

Lanieri inner lining and zipper
The Lanieri inner lining and zipper

On the other hand the Suitsupply version favors a more thin invisible seam.

Some seams inside look more polished in the Lanieri but really it is not something that should make a structural difference.

Comparing Suitsupply Trousers
Comparing Suitsupply Trousers | More plain zipper, stitching and lining

Suitsupply’s seam looks more straight and slightly better only at the bottom of the after dinner split.

Details comparison

In this section I will not directly compare, since one is RTW and another MTM but rather discuss.

For the longest time now I decided not to wear belts. Just like watches, I don’t like wearing them.

So all the trousers that I buy should ideally have side adjusters.

Obviously, the Suitsupply version came with belt loops which were useless for me.

Therefore I used the side adjusters option from Lanieri, just like I did last time.

In all honesty, I think it is their weakest point since they are way too big and flap around a little.

A more elegant, discreet version would be ideal but nothing that will annoy me.

The Lanieri trousers also have a more comfortable, spacious pocket in my opinion.

Lanieri Pocket
The higher rise on the Lanieri feels like it gives me more space in the pockets

A small detail is the custom inner lining, which of course you can also change during Suitsupply’s Custom Made program.

However, be extremely careful because certain linings in their jackets are polyester and there was no info about it.

For example, in a light blue double breasted suit I chose an alpaca lining which I didn’t know was polyester.

Then you have the adjustment of the rise of the trousers.

We established the Suitsupply version, but there is a small trick to the Lanieri one.

You cannot choose the rise and the only way is to add a note in your cart with the desired effect.

If I remember right you can choose in 1.5 cm increments up to a 6 cm total.

Fit comparison

The easiest way to display the difference in fit of various rises would be having the same garment with variations.

If I measure the trousers while worn, the Suitsupply one sits a massive 6 cm under the Lanieri.

That shows in multiple areas, where you will see how the Lanieri is a marked improvement.

To begin with, I have no discomfort at the crotch area.

Comparing Suitsupply and Lanieri Trousers
Comparing Suitsupply and Lanieri Trousers | Front

Secondly, since the trousers sit higher up there is no gaping of the pockets, as opposed to the Suitsupply ones that sit on the hips.

Especially if you have wide hips, low rise trousers will make your pockets pop like antenna ears.

Comparing Suitsupply and Lanieri Trousers | Side
Comparing Suitsupply and Lanieri Trousers | Side

Thirdly, the sheer comfort and elongated look that they create in my silhouette.

Differences continue with the shirt fit, since they generally sit better and tucked in instead of flopping with “rippled waves”.

Comparing Suitsupply and Lanieri Trousers | Back
Comparing Suitsupply and Lanieri Trousers | Back

I forgot to mention that due to the actual pocket space (even more if you use pleats) a phone or wallet is much less visible or bulky.

Due to my bow legs (or footballer legs) condition where my legs have the shape of a half moon I will always have issues with the lower leg.

Lanieri MTM Trousers
The Lanieri MTM Trousers

The Suitsupply trousers feel a bit flat on the bottom, whereas the Lanieri came back slightly too long.

Suitsupply Trousers
And the Suitsupply Trousers

Even though I used the same measurements, they are too long possible due to the cuffs.

Specifically, I estimate having to shorten them by 2 cm for the idea fit.

That is not a problem since Lanieri will cover alteration costs up to a point.

Most likely, I will ask for store credit instead of a refund since this is a very cheap alteration.

Final thoughts

Other than the fabric issue and low durability, I don’t have anything bad to say about Suitsupply trousers quality wise.

However they would be too expensive for a similar or lesser result.

Back in the day, I commissioned a MTM Brown Flannel Trouser which I fear will also rip at the crotch soon.

Those cost me almost 300 Euros ($330) which I can now make at Lanieri for $60 less.

Same fabric, good service, good quality and made in Italy instead of China.

Of course, it makes more sense for most people to go into a Suitsupply store worldwide than risk it online.

high rise trousers
And a last look at the Lanieri trousers

I should also remind you that these trousers, an upcoming suit and possibly some blue chinos were bought with my own money and no sponsorship or review request.

Overall, I am over the moon with the trousers and the fact that I can finally wear it as a set again.

What should I do with the ruined Suitsupply trousers?

There might be a chance I turn them into a tote bag but we will see!


And that concludes the article comparing the (same) Suitsupply and Lanieri trousers.

It’s nice to have alternatives and I look forward to trying out other brands such as Black Lapel or Oliver Wicks.

This time I tried to keep the Suitsupply bashing at a minimum since I still think they are decent clothes.

They just don’t work for me anymore.

But at the same time, you cannot look at the pictures I posted and not agree that the Lanieri is an improvement fit wise.

In any case, I will see you next week with something special and in the near future a book Review.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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Comments (10)

Thanks for the clothes reviews. Very helpful.

Thanks Joe!

Thank you for this review man fr!

Thanks for reading ?

Thank for this article. Deeply informative. You gave me an idea that I can get extra pants for my Havana suit that I really like. Do you know what the last 3 numbers on the fabric code means?

Hi Mark,

Glad you found it helpful. I was gutted that the trousers ripped, but when they are so low rise and you put so much pressure on the crotch of course they will break faster.

If you buy from Lanieri, use the code (though it might be a minimum purchase) so you get a discount.

The entire numbers are the fabric code, it is not just the last 3. To find the same fabric you need to find the same code in most cases.

In mine, the difference could be that they updated to a newer code or fabric.


Awesome comparison! Very helpful!
I will be ordering high rise trousers from Lanieri for the very first time.
What is your front rise length on Lanieri trousers? It looks good!

4.5 cm

Hello Kostas, thank you for the review. This has certainly helped make a decision on whether or not I order something with that VBC flannel. I’m about to order a MTM flannel trouser from my local place, and I’ve come to find out they offer the exact same VBC flannel as the one you have used for your Lanieri trousers. My question for you is how well is the trouser holding up so far? Because, for the price, that flannel is significantly cheaper than its English counterparts, yet it has a good enough weight to it at 340 gsm. But, I’d like to know if it’s doing better than your original trouser at Suitsupply.


All my Lanieri clothes are doing great. There was a linen trouser that ripped in the crotch but I wore it non stop and biked heavily with it. The flannels have performed very well well!

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