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Peter Hunt Shoes Review: Goodyear Welted Chelsea Boots In Estany Brown Patina

Peter Hunt Shoes Reviewback with the shoe reviews

In this article I will be reviewing a pair of Peter Hunt Shoes in Brown Patina.

Specifically a pair of Chelsea Boots in the Estany Brown Patina.

Peter Hunt Shoes are Goodyear Welted in Spain with a handpainted finish.

Let’s find out if they are worth your money.

finally some chelsea boots

Would you believe that this is my first Chelsea Boots Review since the infamous Loake Chatsworth?

That shoe is long gone by now and I only have a pair of Brown Suede Chelseas in my collection.

So when Enrique of Peter Hunt Shoes reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to Review a pair, it was an easy choice.

We were in talks for nearly half a year now, but now the timing was correct for this review.

So today it will be an interesting experience to revisit a style of shoe I haven’t talk so much about.

who is peter hunt shoes?

Admittedly other than some Instagram posts and a review by my friend Mike Baldinger I had little experience with Peter Hunt.

After talking with the owner I got a few more information to share.

Enrique and Javier are brothers and the enthusiastic owners of Peter Hunt and have roots from La Mancha in Spain.

While the company is rather new, their family is in the shoe business for three generations.

The shoes are Goodyear Welted and made in various places in Spain.

Most of them however are made in Almansa by either Bespoke Factory or Andres Sendra.

A very interesting trivia is that the person that does the patina is their friend since childhood.


Peter Hunt Chelsea Boots
Peter Hunt Shoes Review: Today’s Review Pair

Let’s check out the boots that I received today:

  • Brand: Peter Hunt Shoes
  • Style: Chelsea Boots
  • Color: Estany Brown Patina
  • Leather: Full Grain Crust Calf
  • Construction: Goodyear Welted
  • Sole: Leather with Rubber Inlay
  • Size: UK 8 (US 9D/EU 42)
  • Made In: Spain
  • Price: €345/$375

I should mention that for EU citizens the price is €345 and includes VAT whereas the final price for the rest of the world is normalized at $375.

You can simply change your currency in the product screen over the description.

delivery & unboxing

Shoes that are in stock will take about 7-10 business days to finish.

Peter Hunt then sends the shoes with a courier and in my case it took about 4 days to arrive.

I would expect about double for those of you in other parts of the world.

Peter Hunt Shoes Box
Peter Hunt Shoes come in this box

The shoes arrived well packaged in a big cardboard vertical box.

Speaking about the actual shoe box, it’s actually one of the better ones at the price point.

Blue in color with the logo on top and very solid and sturdy.

Of course at the side you get the little details about sizing, model and color but also your own name.

It’s a small detail, but appreciated.

Thank you note
A small “Thank You Note” by Peter Hunt

There’s a lot of protection inside and even a small card with a wax-type seal and sigil.

You even get a blue plastic shoehorn which reminds me I have about 3 million of them by now!

I can’t say the shoe bags impress me since they are generic blacks synthetic ones.

Opening the box released a small chemical smell which is probably from the dyes, but it was not as potent as the Yearn Shoemaker one.

initial impressions & Styling

Unless you are in Made to Order territory, this is the quintessential Chelsea Boot design.

You have a backseam and two back panels and the rest of the shoe is like a wholecut oxford in one piece.

The side gusset seems a bit stronger than usual but retains the flexibility.

Shoes by Peter Hunt
At first glance, this looks like an attractive modern boot

Looking at the shape it has an almond shape with burnished edges and the patina is more unusual.

If you get your trousers stuck on the leather loops at the back of the shoes often, this is a bit longer than usual.

As for the sole, it is a leather sole with a very slight bevel and rubber studs installed.

It looks like an honest, modern shoe and we will look at everything in detail now.

Leather Quality

For the actual quality of the leather, I will need to wear the shoes more to comment.

After 3-4 more wears I will be editing this section and updating it.

For now, I can tell you it looks and feels fine and rather supple.

It also has the same slightly coated finish that I found on the Septieme Largeur Review.

Due to the hand-painting and the multiple layers of dye and wax it can create this effect.

Shiny Chelsea Boots
I like this picture because the rain drops don’t soak the leather rather than stay above the layer of wax

In other words, if you like your shoes nice and shiny you will probably like this.

Upon closer inspection it seems like I can see the grain level of the leather which is a good sign.

I have not asked about the leather source however the website says Italy.

That could be Zonta, Ilcea, Maryam and some others.

Generally I like Italian calf and I am curious to see how it performs.

The Estany Patina

One of the selling points of Peter Hunt is the patina they do by hand.

There’s a variety of them in different colors, patterns and style.

Marbled, galaxy, lines and even a camo patina which I honestly find terrible on shoes of any kind.

This particular one bears the name “Estany” which is a fancier word for a mid-brown.

Doing some journalistic research, the word Estany means lake in Catalan unless I’m mistaken and is probably an homage to some roots or heritage.

The actual patina is interesting and something I never had before.

Estany Patina
Close up of the Estany Patina

In simple words it’s a lot of darker and lighter lines alternating, creating this “woody” finish.

I am not sure exactly how I feel about it yet, since this is a plain toe shoe and the vertical lines create an elongated appearance.

This could actually be beneficial if you are shorter or have smaller feet.

It’s certainly fancier and not something you just see out there but the finishing is pretty good.

Rethinking about it, given the popularity and desire of many people these days to stand out it could be an option.

Regardless, other than my own personal feelings the most important thing is that the execution is good.

In other words, if you like the looks in the images you will most likely be happy with the result.

construction & Stitching

This is your basic Goodyear Welted shoe.

Unless I’m blind (which I am by the way!) it has a 270° welt.

It feels like a solid shoe to hold and I don’t see any problem with the construction at least.

Overall, the stitching is also solid all around the shoe including the welt.

Speaking about the welt, it has a very clean joint without any loose threads.

Goodyear Welt
A tidy job on the welt front

I would like to use this opportunity however to speak about a few things I notice now that I study shoemaking and leatherworking.

If I look extremely closely (and I mean extremely) there are certain spots near the elastic gusset that there is a thread sticking out.

Those particular points have double stitching and are the result of what we call “back-stitching” which locks the thread.

Usually, when you do a back-stitch and cut the thread, you burn it with a lighter to melt it and tuck it in the stitching hole.

There are a couple of those and some threads that stick out a tiny bit more, which could be related to the sewing machine tension.

Lastly, where the side pieces join they overlap each other and have a stitch to hold them in place.

They are ever slightly thicker and reminds me when I join two leather pieces together and skive the edges to thin the leather.

I am not pointing out such details to say that Peter Hunt shoes are inadequate or something.

Chelsea Boots Gusset
You can very slightly notice what I mean at the top of the stitching next to the elastic

In fact, everything is more than decent and finished well for the price.

If anything, it’s a production entry level shoe and absolutely nobody without leatherworking experience or extreme OCD would notice.

The only reason I am mentioning this is to give you an extra insight about working with leather.

But also small things I start to notice now that I have actual experience with leatherworking.

This excites me, because it means I can eventually give explanations, tips and insight on such topics.

When was the last time someone told you what a back-stitch is on a shoe review?

Back on topic, solid shoes with solid stitching and construction.

inner lining

Now it’s time to take a look at the inside of the shoe.

There’s not so much to say about the actual lining, which is navy blue (good choice).

You do get a full insole by the way with the Peter Hunt logo stamped on it.

Leather Insoles
The insole and logo

Some of the lining has some loose grain markings, but that’s totally fine at this price point.

If you really want me to nitpick, the top of the lining which is visible on the shaft is a bit rough and could benefit from some finer sanding.

None of these are issues however that you should worry about.

Everything checks out here I’d say.


Similar to the above sections, the sole is fine.

It’s a leather sole with rubber inserts that will remind you of the classic Dainite studs.

The sole has an orange finish with a slight round bevel at the waist.

I don’t know exactly how they install these, but there is orange residue inside the ridges.

Peter Hunt Sole
The Peter Hunt Shoes leather sole

It’s not important, but they could probably do a better job in this section.

Lastly, the channel of the sole stitching is a bit rougher in some areas.

None of this matters since it has no structural effect nor you look at your soles which will wear out anyways.

I have no data or experience when it comes to how slip-resistant they are yet unfortunately.

the almansa last

Looking at the last of these shoes by Peter Hunt, it definitely has an almond shape.

This means it’s rounder around the waist then narrows down sharply towards the front.

It’s hard for me to judge an entry level shoe subjectively these days, because my tastes are different and I mostly buy very high end shoes.

The Almansa Last from Peter Hunt Shoes
The Almansa Last from Peter Hunt Shoes

From most angles, this last seems quite modern and better than your run of the mill shoes.

Other angles on the other hand such as low and diagonal from the front give it a bit of a banana shape.

Chelsea Boots by Peter Hunt
I don’t find this angle too flattering on the other hand

Of course, it’s nothing like the “unsalted potatoes” last of CNES.

I think it strikes an ok balance between modern and classic.

It is almond but not too aggressively narrow at the toe box.

Better to look from the top and with a good enough profile.

If I think of myself when I started buying good shoes I would probably find them attractive.

So will the average entry level consumer coming from Allen Edmonds, Johnston and Murphy or those other ghastly fast fashion shoes.


Without too much fanfare, most returning readers will know my size by now.

I am a very solid UK 8 (equal to US 9D) in most of my shoes.

If a shoe is wider or narrower, I size down or up half a size respectively.

For example, if I am a solid UK 8 on Carmina Rain, Crockett & Jones 348, Meermin Hiro or a US 9D on Allen Edmonds Park Avenue.

The Peter Hunt Chelseas on the Almansa last fit me well in size UK 8.

Brown Chelsea Boots
Here’s another view from the top until I shoot some worn pics

It accommodates my instep, there’s enough space on the toe and widest point and there’s no heel slip.

At the base of my little toe there was a slight pressure that should break in.

However I should mention that I have a slightly wider foot between a D and E width.

I will update this more as I wear them if I have to, but after a few strolls it works well.

My recommendation would be to take your regular UK or size down 1 full size from your US dress shoe size.

Of course, always reach out to your retailer for sizing advice before you buy.

Anything else?

Not really, I think I pretty much covered everything I should.

I suppose I could also add that the burnishing was quite nice and seamless.

And that the shoes came with a nice shine which I realized when I saw my reflection on the toe box while photoshooting.

I already mentioned that the back loop is a bit too long but maybe you like the Dr. Martens aesthetic?

Oh there! The heel is 1 inch tall (2.5 cm) and the outsole has a thickness of about 8mm.

how to take care of patina shoes

Unless you are a really advanced user you only need 4 tools to take care of patina shoes.

Shoe trees to preserve the shape and prolong the life of your shoes are number one.

I actually have a shoe tree guide for your reading pleasure here.

Then you need a horsehair brush to clean the shoes from dirt and dust but also to buff your polish.

Lastly, neutral polish and wax is everything you need.

I have more than 40 pairs of shoes and never had to use anything other than neutral.

If you get a scuff or a scratch, only then you can apply colored polish that is close to the spot you are trying to treat.

For patina shoes I recommend avoiding conditioners or renovateur as it can strip the patina.

how to style the peter hunt shoes?

While typing these words I remember a recent Styleforum thread where people called Chelsea Boots embarrassing.

One colossal dingleberry said they are embarrassing for using rubber, while another called them feminine.

What a load of ass since Chelsea Boots have history, heritage, are extremely stylish and a must have.

The Beatles, the Star Wars Stormtroopers and Queen Victoria wore Chelsea Boots.

Now that I got this out of my chest, let’s talk about the actual styling.

Mid-brown dressier boots, now what could you possibly wear them with huh?

How about pretty much every color out there other than black and charcoal gray.

If you avoid formal suits, shorts and cargo pants (come on…) everything else is fair game.

I would say jeans, chinos and a nice sports coat with a turtleneck or shirt will work great.

Peter Hunt Shoes worn
First wear of the Peter Hunt Shoes

Think about how much you want them to be the focal point of your outfit.

A contrasting, lighter pair of trousers will put more emphasis on what you are wearing on your feet.

Do that on a casual stroll or a first date, it’s quite a nice talking point.

Note: I will update the article in the following days with better and more worn pics.


You can only buy Peter Hunt Shoes through their official website.

It’s clean, simple and responsive.

To be transparent with you, I signed up to be an affiliate for them.

This means that if you buy something using my link, I get a small commission which I use to maintain the blog.

However, for those of you that don’t wish to do that I also provide the original link.

I hope you appreciate the honesty.

I have too many shoes and in fact I want to sell a lot of them (Check out my Used Shoes).

Actually I asked Enrique if I can just do a Review and send the shoes back instead of accepting a free pair.

In the end I only kept them because he insisted and called it an honor.

should you buy peter hunt shoes?

I spoke with the owner and we had a chat about their value proposition.

Peter Hunt Shoes are not bad, they are perfectly decent.

The “problem” is that the entry level shoe world is extremely competitive at the moment.

Most of the classic juggernauts of the shoe industry operate between $300-$500.

You have Carlos Santos, Carmina, TLB Mallorca, Allen Edmonds, Meermin, Cobbler Union and many more.

On paper, many of those are better shoes when it comes to construction, materials or small details.

Why would you spend $375 then when you can buy something most people would consider superior?

It’s difficult to recommend these shoes plainly on value alone.

For the most part, you see that I had pretty positive things to say.

One of the unique selling points of Peter Hunt is the patina work, which they can also customize to your preference.

Patina at this price point is rarer and people increasingly look for more vibrant, cool shoes.

Other than the patina, you will also support a small family business which is really important these days.

There’s probably a few good people involved in this and you help them stay employed and do what they love.

And at the end of the day, the shoes will be solid and you will most likely be happy with them.

In the end the choice is yours!

Video Review

Here’s the Review in Video for those of you that prefer it!


This concludes my Review of these Chelsea Boots in Estany Patina by Peter Hunt Shoes.

An honest, modern shoe with a bolder patina for the man that looks for something a little more unique.

The construction was good, leather seems supple and the fit works for me.

Given my current high end collection, it would not be my choice at the moment but if you are new to the shoe game they are a good alternative.

It’s a pleasure to talk about brands you don’t often see out there and bring you such content.

It was also a great pleasure to see that my leatherworking school is paying off already and I see the world differently now.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this Review, Peter Hunt or anything you would like to see in the future.

Until next week, have a great one!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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