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The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | New Carlos Santos GMTOs

the noble shoe collection 2021
The Noble Shoe Collection 2021 | New Carlos Santos Group Made To Orders

A New Exciting Collection

It’s been a while since I made an Article about The Noble Shoe.

As fan as the showcase articles were, I didn’t want to reduce the quality of Misiu Academy’s posts. Today however is a rather important day for me.

In this post I will show you the 2021 Exclusive Carlos Santos Collection I designed for The Noble Shoe.

There are 8 different amazing styles that will roll out continuously over the next 6 months. Today I want to share my excitement with you and I appreciate your support!

Let’s begin!

Dreams Can Come True

Two years ago, in March 27 2019 I decided that I don’t want to do my corporate job anymore.

It was unfulfilling, boring and devoid of all creativity. It was that day that I said “No More” and gave birth to The Noble Shoe concept.

Not even in my wildest dreams could I predict the success and colossal support all of you give me.

There are some upcoming incredible news that I hope I can share with you in the next few months so stay tuned.

Never let your dreams die and continue to pursue them.

8 Unique Styles By Carlos Santos

This Article will be quite brief and straight to the point. I recommend watching the Video Review at the end for a closer look at everything,

All of the styles you will see are new and exclusive with a variety of leathers, designs and lasts.

Refer to each subsection for more information about individual models.

Important: Unless otherwise described, all these are Group Made To Orders. This means that you need a certain amount of entries before they go in production.

Usually Group Made To Orders run for about 30 days and the lead time is around 3 months.

Shop The Live GMTOs Here

1. Carlos Santos 9355 Tassel Loafer In Algarve ($309.99)

Starting off with one of my favorites and the only shoe in the collection that has a Blake Stitched Construction.

I wouldn’t pick it though if it didn’t have special qualities nor if it didn’t make sense for the shoe.

The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | Tassel Loafers
The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | Tassel Loafers in Algarve

To begin with, this is a lovely Tassel Loafer in Algarve Mid-Brown Patina. The choice of last is the new exclusive Z462 Soft Square that gives a very Italian look to the shoes.

The color is very versatile for most outfits and this is a very nice Spring/Summer shoe.

Loafers should be lightweight and easy to break in so this was the perfect time to experiment with the Blake Stitched Construction.

What makes it even more unique though is that it’s part of the new Premium Blake Range of Carlos Santos. The waist is absurdly narrow and tight unlike any other at this price point.

See for yourselves!

Narrow Waist

This is currently Live until the 15th of April 2021 for $309.99 so make haste!

Tip: Learn more about the Types of Shoe Construction Here!

2. Carlos Santos 9878 Handgrade Balmoral In Navy Croc/Guimaraes ($419.99)

It’s an amazing feeling when you have a vision in your head that you turn into a reality.

This is exactly what happened with this Balmoral Oxford. I am a huge fan of Bi-Material and Bi-Color designs although it is much more difficult to do right in dress shoes.

In this case, I wanted to create some contrast between the upper and lower part of the shoe. The Balmoral is perfect for this since the horizontal seam separates the shoe cleanly.

Croc Balmoral Oxford
The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | The Carlos Santos Handgrade Balmoral Croc Oxford

These are from the Carlos Santos Handgrade Range with a closed channel handpainted sole and on the 389 Soft Square Last. Goodyear Welted of course and handpainted in Guimaraes Patina.

For the top I chose a navy patina croc print (to keep the cost down) and I feel the result speaks for itself.

Currently Live until April 15 2021 for $419.99 with limited spots.

3. Carlos Santos 9713 Handgrade Adelaide In Violon Brown ($419.99)

Getting my hands on the CS1942 Anniversary Edition (only 150 pairs made) was too much of a hassle.

However I found the model that was the basis for it and made it my own. This is an Adelaide Oxford with a plain toe and a beautiful medallion.

I finished it in a nice mid-brown exclusive Patina called Violon and used the 389 Soft Square Last.

Carlos Santos Brown Adelaide Oxford
The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | Carlos Santos Handgrade Brown Adelaide Oxford

This is a rather safe, failproof design that is extremely versatile for most outfits and color combinations.

You should expect to see this go live in April 16 2021 for $419.99.

4. Carlos Santos 9978 Handgrade Reverse Stitched Monks In Light Norte ($419.99)

If you know me, I love double monk straps. So how do you take a classic design and improve it?

After the incredible success of my Reverse Stitched Black Oxfords, I found a model with the same features.

They are also from the Handgrade Line with a folded cap toe and side stitching and currently on the 401 Last. However, the final model might be in the 389.

blue double monk straps
The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | The Carlos Santos Handgrade Reverse Stitched Monks in Light Norte

Another topic for discussion is the color, which is the Light Norte Patina. Very rare, yet blue is an underrated color.

It’s quite summery, so the uniqueness of the color might go well with this style.

Expect to see these around April or May 2021 for $419.99.

5. Carlos Santos 9705 Handgrade Single Monk Austerity Brogues In Guimaraes ($419.99)

Where there’s a double, there usually is a single too.

I am of course referring to the lesser appreciated brother of the Double Monks: The Single Monk Strap.

I first saw this design on the Carlos Santos website and thought it is very unique and controversial. After all apart from the buckle and strap it also has an austerity brogue wingtip design.

Single Monk Strap Austerity Brogue
The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | The Carlos Santos Single Monk Strap Austerity Brogue

Since this is a more unique niche model I also reserved it for the Handgrade Line and decided to choose the new Z462 Soft Square Last.

The result was surprisingly nice and elegant with a versatile color scheme.

Like the previous model, it should go live around April or May 2021 for $419.99.

6. Carlos Santos 6903 Handgrade Wholecut Oxford In Coimbra ($419.99)

Wholecuts proved to be rather challenging commercially for The Noble Shoe.

It is quite possible that since they are very formal shoes and the world is going through a pandemic, nobody had a reason to wear them.

With the vaccines rolling out though, people might want to refresh their wardrobes and wear their good clothes. And I still believe a wholecut should be in everyone’s wardrobe.

brown wholecut
The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | The Carlos Santos Handgrade Wholecut in Coimbra

So why not get the best you can get with these! Handpainted in the Coimbra Dark Brown Patina and Goodyear Welted on the 389 Soft Square Last, these are really elegant shoes.

Versatile, simple and an improvement over the classic model of Carlos Santos.

I would say these would drop around May or June 2021 for $419.99.

7. Carlos Santos 8213 Handgrade Quarter Brogue In Bordo Shadow ($419.99)

For the 7th pair we have what I call “the sleeper hit” of the collection.

A quarter brogue that is elegant, versatile yet not stylistically intimidating for you to wear in any situation.

Also from the Handgrade Line and Goodyear Welted on the Z462 Last (you see the pattern by now). I chose the Bordo Shadow (Dark Burgundy) Patina to ensure they remain versatile and easy to use.

The Carlos Santos Handgrade Quarter Brogue in Bordo Shadow
The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | The Carlos Santos Handgrade Quarter Brogue in Bordo Shadow

It’s a rather handsome pair I feel and received a lot of compliments and questions when I presented it.

Still deciding on the date for these, but think around May – June 2021.

8. Carlos Santos 1051 Work Boots In Dark Brown Kudu Grain ($324.99 – $349.99)

Nothing would be complete without an awesome pair of boots.

So many of you asked me to bring back the Kudu Boots and I heard you!

These are some really awesome looking boots with a natural storm welt on the 234 Last. What makes them awesome though is the choice of leather.

kudu leather boots
The Noble Shoe 2021 Collection | The Dark Brown Kudu Grain Boots

It’s Dark Brown Grain Kudu Leather from wild antelopes with all the natural scaring and marks that come with it! Kudu Leather is extremely strong yet supple and needs no maintenance.

Of course it would be pointless without a Commando Sole right?

To finish up, there will be an option for a full merino wool lining for a small upcharge. It’s really warm and soft and acts like a cushion for your feet.

the noble shoe 2021 - boots and chinos
Shearling Lining keeps your feet warm and soft

These are likely to drop around June or July 2021 so they are ready for the upcoming winter season.

Tip: Learn more about Kudu in the Types of Shoe Leather Guide!

Discount For First Purchases

I would also like to offer you a 10% Discount for First Purchases!

You can get it by subscribing to the Newsletter here on Misiu Academy or at The Noble Shoe.

This code is valid in all shoes (including GMTOs) apart from Sales Items and Crockett & Jones.

Thank you for your support!

Video Review

As always, I try to include a Video with each article when possible! Here is my YouTube Video of The Noble Shoe’s 2021 Collection!

Remember to Subscribe and check out each shoe individually as I also included worn shots of all shoes!


And that my friends was my article about the awesome new Carlos Santos models that will arrive at The Noble Shoe in 2021.

I made sure to include something for every taste with a variety of colors and styles. Don’t forget that by Subscribing to the Newsletter here or at The Noble Shoe you get 10% Off your first purchase!

Let me know in the comments down below which is your favorite and why! Or why not, share with a friend while I work on new content for next week!

Until then be safe, stay dapper and only buy quality shoes!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Comments (4)

Those Blake Stitched shoes look really nice. Great to see a shoe that leverages the properties of Blake Stitching for a super narrow waist instead of just doing it because it’s cheaper.

Thanks Patrick, those are live to order until April 15.

I start to view blake differently now and I was really impressed by what they did at this price point. The waist is truly marvelous and it was also a rather nice fit!

Lightweight nice shoes for spring and summer!

Hola Kostas.
Fantástica colección.!!
El modelo:
se ve muy,muy bien.
Saludos cordiales.

Kostas Mandilaris

Hello Ignacio!

Thank you so much I am glad you like them sir! <3

Saludos cordiales!

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