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Gaziano & Girling, Crockett & Jones Saville Row Store Visit

Crockett & Jones Store LondonVisiting London’s Finest

Today I will walk you through my visit to the stores of Gaziano & Girling and Crockett & Jones in London.

Through a series of pictures I hope you can get a good idea about the experience I had and live it through me.

I can already tell you that both stores are worth visiting if you love shoes and find yourself in London.

Let’s begin.

Happy Holidays From london!

First of all, happy holiday season and upcoming new year for everyone.

I am still in London for another week and I could finally go through my archive of pictures.

Last week, I talked about the horrible impression that Allen Edmonds left on me.

I also had the pleasure of visiting the legendary Saville Row district of London.

It’s a road where the finest bespoke tailors and shoemakers have their stores.

Huntsman Store
The Huntsman Store in London

For example, you can visit the famous Huntsman Bespoke store which gained more popularity with The Kingsman movies.

If I am honest with you I only had one store in mind there and that was Gaziano & Girling.

One of my favorite British Shoemakers with exceptional style and endless possibilities.

After that, I visited the flagship London Store of another iconic brand.

Crockett & Jones was my second stop and another wonderful experience I wanted to share with you.

Please excuse the lower quality of photos as I only have my phone with me.

Gaziano & Girling

The Gaziano & Girling store is minimalist in nature and tasteful.

A very elegant space with countless of shoe models and samples on display.

Gaziano & Girling Store London
The Gaziano & Girling Store London

Unfortunately Mr. Gaziano was not there that day but I had a pleasure chatting with Rico and Michael.

Rico in particular (I hope I wrote the name right) was extremely enthusiastic, polite and sharply dressed.

He took my coat, we chatted and then proceeded to fit me with a trial pair.

Before that, he used a wooden measurement device to get a glimpse at my size and concluded it would be UK 8.5.

Gaziano & Girling ShoesThis is spot on, because my natural size is UK 8 and their shoes tend to fit narrower.

He then proceeded to bring me a trial pair which actually fit fantastic.

Despite the variety of last shapes, they all have the same base so you should get a similar fit every time.

I am a big fan of the Deco and TG73 lasts and those are the ones I would go for.

I also spent more time looking around the store for interesting make ups and samples.

Nubuck Exotic LoafersOne of my favorites was a nubuck exotic pair of loafers due to the material.

Rico also showed me a crazy older sample they made with amazing detail and construction.

handmade shoesOf course, I even had a look at the newer Optimum Line which is essentially same as their Bespoke but on a RTW Last.

shoes in gaziano & girling storeYou can MTO anything you need but it does come with a hefty price tag of around $2000.

Definitely an experience I recommend as well as the shoes if you are on that budget.

Crockett & Jones

A couple of blocks further and you will reach another important street of London.

Jermyn Street is full of shoemakers such as Barker’s, Loake and of course Crockett & Jones.

shoemakingFunnily enough there are two Crockett & Jones stores in 69 and 92 Jermyn Street.

I went to the flagship store in number 69 and it was also an excellent experience.

The store is very big with a great layout and most importantly it was buzzing with life and customers.patina work

At the entrance you will encounter Bismark who is an excellent gentleman doing live patina work.

Scattered around the store are the various lines, models and options that are available.

crockett and jones shoesWhether you are looking for shoes or quality accessories, they have everything.

A funny thing also happened while I was at the store.

While I was looking at some shelves, a gentleman looked at me and said “I watch you on YouTube”.

That was such a surreal and funny experience.

exotic shoesLook closely and you will see vintage shoes from decades ago, or even ones with exotic materials.

At the back of the store there is the ladies section with a bunch of quality shoes.

womens welted shoesActually, a few weeks ago I wrote an article about women’s welted shoes (Link).

The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly which is always nice to see.

Credit to the store manager who was very welcoming and allowed me to take photos.

vintage shoeAnd of course Milena, a lovely lady with heritage from Eritrea who works there and made my stay extra welcoming.

crockett and jones jermyn streetOf course, if you wish to support The Noble Shoe you can always get your shoes there.

But if you are in London, make sure to check out the Crockett & Jones flagship store and support them by buying something.

Other Brands To check Out?

While you are in the area, I do recommend checking out:

  • Joseph Cheaney
  • Loake
  • Barker’s
  • Tricker’s
  • Grenson

Of course, I would encourage you to donate to charity or me instead of buying from Church’s.

As for the tailoring stores I recommend going into everything you can in Saville Row.

Speaking about tailoring, here’s how my old employers at Suitsupply are faring right now.

suitsupply londonThe scaffolding represents the quality and durability of their trousers.

Final thoughts (Of 2022!)

Coming to think of it, this is the last post of 2022.

While not a huge, glamorous article it still marks a very important milestone.

The fact that after two years of lock-downs and restrictions we can finally travel and visit all these great places once again is amazing.

Additionally, for me it was extra special to visit and document these iconic stores and streets.

I would like to thank Gaziano & Girling and Crockett & Jones for their hospitality and welcoming atmosphere.

As for the rest of you, I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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