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2023 Wishlist & Goals: Misiu Academy 2022 Recap & Future!

Enzo Bonafe IntroHappy New Year!

Today we will kickstart the year with an article about goals and my Wishlist for 2023.

It is a more personal article that celebrates important milestones and includes a recap of 2022.

A way for me to thank you and connect with you more but also show you what my plans are.

I thank you all for your support and hope you will enjoy this.

2022 Recap

I literally arrived in Florence 30 minutes ago after spending almost 4 weeks in London.

Coming up with new exciting topics and guides week in, week out for the past 238 weeks is hard for a hobby.

Given that it’s increasingly difficult to attract and work with various companies for reviews, guides are more central to me now.

Personal Growth

The year 2022 also marked the time that I finally got to realize my dream of training as a Bespoke Shoemaker.

Starting as a Leatherworker and then moving on to actual Bespoke Shoemaking (Read The Full Series) for half a year.

A tough, but rewarding experience that I will carry forward for the rest of my life and keep learning.

In fact, I now have my own workshop and hopefully this year I can begin some commissions.

In 2022 I also forged strong relationships with many brands and people involved in the shoe industry.

My business (The Noble Shoe) continued to grow thanks to all your support even during a time of recession.

Covid regulations are mostly behind us and many have a newfound appreciation for the little things in life.

What Happened With The Blog?

I found the time to write some really long, wonderful (and controversial guides) that I hope you enjoy.

These include:

And many more.

There was no shortage of Reviews as well with brands such as Norman Vilalta, Paolo Scafora, Acme Shoemaker, Enzo Bonafe and other emerging brands gracing the blog.

I also wanted to talk more about clothing again and found a new to-go tailoring brand in Lanieri and luxury/casual in Luca Faloni.

Reviews became more in-depth and oftentimes, quite critical and nitpicky.

Acme Shoemaker Review
2023 Wishlist & Recap: My beautiful shoes by Acme Shoemaker

While I am getting closer at finding the right balance between these things, the brutal honesty remains and will remain.

This year also marked a tremendous growth in visitors and readers, which makes me proud and happy.

Over 40000 people visit the Misiu Academy monthly now, putting it in the top of such niche blogs.

Thank you all for enjoying the content.

The 2023 Wishlist & Goals

Moving on, I would like to address a few topics here.

I split them into:

  • Personal Goals
  • The Noble Shoe
  • Blog Evolution & Content
  • Shoes & Clothes

I will talk and expand more on each category.

1. Personal Goals

I always strive to improve as a person and craftsman.

Learning shoemaking not only helped me become a better blogger and reviewer, but also knowledgeable and credible for my business.

In 2023 I intend to continue learning and practicing shoemaking and of course make my first commission.

Additionally, my plan is to study at the famous Arsutoria School of Milan and learn design and pattern making.

It’s a normal evolution of what I am doing right now I would say.

My quest to save for a house in Tuscany is a long term goal which begins in 2023.

I am grateful for the quality of life I have right now.

2. The Noble Shoe

The Noble Shoe is my business, my passion and my source of income.

I work tirelessly night and day to make it grow and keep improving it.

Last year I introduced a lot of quality of life upgrades in the shop such as a better live chat and high quality product images.

It also was the time where I brought two more fantastic brands in the shop.

Norman Vilalta and Enzo Bonafe made their inaugural appearance and were met with overwhelming support and positive feedback.

So how do I top such a successful year?

Other than the continuous development and introduction of unique models and GMTOs I have a lot in store.

Enzo Bonafe Shoes Review The Noble Shoe
2023 Wishlist & Recap: Enzo Bonafe is a key addition to The Noble Shoe

To begin with, more stock and models will be available from Enzo Bonafe and Paolo Scafora.

We are also in the process of creating fantastic lifestyle imagery to further cement and expand on the idea of the modern gentleman.

Most excitingly, I am working on a new project that won’t be revealed before April/May.

I promise you it’s going to blow your mind!

We will also aim to expand the team and employ a few people with dedicated roles so I can focus more on the creative aspect of the shop.

Lastly, I am proud to announce that The Noble Shoe will be a part of the 2023 Shoegazing London Super Trunk Show as an Exhibitor.

I hope to see some of you on May 13th 2023 in London.

3. Blog Evolution & Content

For the blog, I will attempt to create more guides and core content but also explore guest posting if I manage to find a good and passionate writer.

I am not a fan of reaching out to the same brands over and over just for content filler or free shoes.

There are still many brands out there from Japan, UK and other smaller countries to try.

However the blog is still a hobby and I refuse to run invasive ads that ruin the experience.

Instead, I will try to build up some promotions of brands I trust that want to advertise on the blog.

Mandilaris Bespoke Shoemaker Workshop
2023 Wishlist & Recap: I now have my own workshop and soon YouTube station!

More content will involve Bespoke Shoemaking as soon as I feel comfortable in the workshop.

Of course, there will be a focus on the YouTube Channel which unfortunately had to take a step back during the last few months.

In fact, at the moment of writing I am working on the Acme Shoemaker Review Video which is a step up from anything I did before.

If there are any other quality of life features or specific content that you would like to see please let me know in the comments.

4. Shoes & Clothes For Sale

Ah, now it is time to begin “The Great Purge“.

I am constantly going through my wardrobe to eliminate older items, lower quality clothes or shoes I don’t use anymore.

Specifically, I plan to purge every single Suitsupply Suit I have as they deteriorate quickly.

Becoming A Bespoke Shoemaker Part 11: Suede Monks
Expansion of my Bespoke Shoes is a key goal for 2023

Instead, I will take advantage living in Italy and focus more on MTM and Bespoke Suits and Shirts.

If you are a solid 38R and want some classic or funky suits for a good price, email me.

Specifically for shoes, you can always find the list here (though I need to update it).

Shoes that I am currently (or considering) selling are:

  • Peter Hunt Chelsea Boots UK 8 ($250)
  • Maftei Bespoke Stingray Wholecut UK 7.5 ($900)
  • Carlos Santos Green Suede Chelseas UK 8 ($250)
  • Yearn Shoemaker Single Monks UK 8 ($250)
  • Passus Green Suede Chukkas UK 8.5 ($600)
  • Enzo Bonafe Reverse Oxford UK 8 ($600)
  • Carlos Santos Lazyman UK 8 ($140)
  • Carlos Santos Split-Toe Boots UK 7.5 ($150)
  • Septieme Largeur Emerald Patina Jodhpur UK 8 ($250)
  • Sons of Henrey Bison Chukkas UK 8 ($300)
  • Carlos Santos Handgrade Mid-Blue Double Monks UK 7.5 ($200)
  • Crockett & Jones Chelsea 11 Slate Suede UK 8 ($600)
  • Carlos Santos Dark Brown Suede Chelsea Boots UK 8 ($150)

Prices might be negotiable or better in case of a bundle deal.

All shoes are in excellent condition and loved by me and a fantastic way to build a great wardrobe.

All the above shoes should fit you if you usually wear UK 8 or US 9D in Dress Shoes.

5. New Shoe Purchases?

My goal is to have a leaner collection consisting of high end brands.

Also, now that I make my own Bespoke Shoes I will focus on making them instead.

However I will keep adding to my higher end collection slowly but surely.

Nubuck Exotic Loafers
Nubuck Exotics by Gaziano & Girling

This is the year where I want to get a nubuck crocodile/alligator pair.

Generally I want to work with exotics more and find the courage to do it myself as well.

Brands I want to eventually get are Siroeno Yosui, Antonio Meccariello, Hiro Yanagimachi, Jim Jun, Yim and many more.

Regardless, when I get a new shoe you will be the first to know!

Season Greetings

It’s time to end this article and wish you all once more Happy New Year with health, success and love wherever you are.

If you are reading, we probably share the same passion for shoes and clothes or fine craftsmanship.

My 2023 Wishlist & Recap was short and sweet, but the journey long and rewarding.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this journey if you follow along and that you learn something cool or new.

This was my first introductory post of the year and I will see you next week with something great.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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